Fashion Tips for Spring to Look Fabulous

Fashion Tips for Spring to Look Fabulous   via

Spring is the time for the new looks to come out and see what fashion trends are coming back, and which ones are going away. Here are the latest fashion tips for looking fabulous this spring.

Do Not Fear the Flare

Flare jeans are coming back, to the extent that companies are coming back with looks from the 90’s. Skinny jeans will still be acceptable, but flare jeans are going to be the look you see. They will go with everything, but more importantly, they give women defined curves and a vertical illusion. Consider wearing these pants with a wedge shoe or high heel ankle boot for additional height. Finally, make sure that the pants are just a half an inch off the ground, as longer pants are ideal in this style.

Know Proportions

If you are wearing flare jeans, or skinny jeans, you will need to make sure you keep your proportions in mind. To help you look taller, you want to make sure you continue the length. Wearing pants that are longer will mean you need to wear a sweater or shirt that is long and remains untucked. You can complete the entire ensemble by wearing layered necklaces that are long and drape down to the chest.

Keeping the Feet Happy

This spring, pointed toe shoes are in. You can find the points on everything from heels to sneakers. This is great because it will add to the height that is being added with the flare jeans. However, flat sandals are also still in, and gladiator sandals are making a comeback. Gladiator sandals are the shoes that have a solid bottom and then stringed material wrapped around the foot and ankle to secure the shoe. Finally, you will find more shoes that are sporting the color white, as it is the hot color. When you are selecting which shoe you want to wear, remember that flats and boots take away from the illusion of height, while heels add to it.


The best way to look slimmer and taller is to wear longer tops and highlight the natural curves. If you have a stomach you are not happy with, then wear tops that drop below the waist. However, if you are looking to give yourself the appearance of larger hips, then wear a shirt you can tuck in, and let the belt do the work. Tunics and long sweaters are still a great option, especially if they are paired with leggings and a heeled boot. The main point is to know what features you feel are your assets and highlight them naturally through clothing.

In Spring, you will find make-up to become subtler and look very natural, while clothing is taking the lead to offer the pop. You may start to feel like you have taken a step back in time when it comes to outfits available, and hairstyles are also simplistic. Be ready to show off your shoulders, so make sure you take the time to get a subtle tan and use jewelry to draw the attention.

Do you have any fashion tips for spring?

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  1. Good tips, love the elongate. Being 5 feet tall, I need anything that makes me look taller!

  2. Great tips! I hate my stomach so I always go for the longer, tunic like shirts.

    1. My stomach doesn't look all that good either thanks to have kids, so I wear long shirts and tunics to cover up.

  3. Great tips! Trust me, I need all of the fashion advice I can get!

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