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Five Health Emergencies You Need To Be Prepared For With Kids In The Home

Five Health Emergencies You Need To Be Prepared For With Kids In The Home   via  www.productreviewmom.com
Guest Post by Anita Ginsberg  Photo Credit

When you have children in the home, there are injuries that are bound to happen. The best thing that you can do is make sure you're prepared for any kind of emergency before it arises by keeping a first-aid kit in the home and understanding what to look for in your children if there is trouble. Here are some health things you should be prepared for: 


Whether it's a toddler or a teenager, choking can be an issue. Some children eat too fast while others tend to put things in the mouth that are too large. If you notice that your child is holding the throat or is having trouble breathing, then you need to perform the Heimlich maneuver to get the item dislodged. If the child stops breathing, call 911 and begin to perform CPR as directed. 

Knocked Out Teeth

Children will often play on a slide, run around in the yard and play sports. There is a chance that the child could fall or get hit in the mouth by something hard enough to knock out a tooth. If the tooth is dangling, contact a dentist to see what needs to be done as you don't want to risk any broken pieces getting in the gums. The Claremont Dental Institute is prepared for emergency dental situations, and you shouldn’t hesitate to take your child in.

Hot Liquids

Avoid keeping cups and containers with hot liquids in areas where children can reach them. If the child does pull something over onto the skin that has a hot liquid, place the child in cold water. An antibiotic can be put on the skin to decrease the risk of infection. 

Getting Hit In The Eye

At times, there could be an issue where a sibling or a friend hits a child's eye or throws something that makes contact with the eye. If the eye appears injured, go to the emergency room. There could be damage to the retina that only an exam would be able to detect. Cover the eye with a cloth to keep dirt from getting inside and to prevent any further damage. 

Swallowing Poisons

It's important to keep all liquids out of the reach of children, such as cleaners, alcoholic beverages and other items that children might find fascinating. If the child does swallow a hazardous liquid, take the child to the emergency room. The blood sugar could drop, or you might see that the child begins to have seizures. Don't try to give anything that will make the child vomit as this could harm the esophagus. It’s best to seek help from a medical professional. 

There is no way to predict when an emergency might take place with children in the home. It's best to be prepared for any number of events and not need the supplies than to need them and not have them handy. Secure items in the home that could be dangerous. If there is an emergency, don't panic, and contact the proper emergency professionals if the situation can't be controlled at home.

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