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| April 20, 2016

2016 Makeup Trends

2016 Makeup Trends   via  www.productreviewmom.com
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This year’s make-up trends are similar to last years, with a few changes seen in the colors that are popular. The trend this year is either going bright and bold or to keep it very muted, depending on what look you want.

Bright Red Lips

Red lipstick is not necessarily a new thing, but this year’s color is the candy apple red. When you are thinking of lips, imagine Snow White and her red lips. Cover Girl offers a beautiful Candy Apple red that is infused with Shea butter to keep your lips moisturized all day long. Another look with the lips is to take an ombre look. It is being labeled as the “vampire look” so consider throwing on some Macaron Black lipstick for a blended look.

Pop with the Blue

The eyes are where people are playing this year with pops of blue color. It seems that this year, there is no set way to wear the blue, so just be comfortable or fun. You can go with a smoky look using a mixture of light and dark blue, or you can add a light shade of blue across the eyelid for a quick look. If you are not sure what color of blue you want to go with, get NYX Cosmetic Shadow Palette that has nine different shades. However, if you are heading for the night out, apply some of the Revlon Photo Ready Kajal Intense Eye Liner in blue for a dramatic effect.

Glitter Wins Again

Another look that is still in is adding glitter to the eyelids. If you are going for dramatics, you can wear thick flakes on your lid and eye lashes. However, a light shimmer is plenty to bring attention to your eyes, causing them to sparkle. Since it is the year blue wins, NYX Glitter Powder Blue is a wonderful addition to the top of the eyelid as you are walking out the door.

Subtle Look

The subtle makeup look is also in this year, as mentioned above. Instead of going with the pale skin and bright lips, consider using a nice bronzer for a natural tan look. Make sure you grab a couple different shades so you can create angles. NYX Matte Bronzer comes in five different shades so you will always have the sun-kissed look. You can also complete this look by using a combination of pinks on the eye lids for a sunset look.

Forget the Lash

While popping the eyelashes has been a thing in the past, wearing mascara will take a backseat this year. It is something that everyone expects, so when it is worn, it will be very subtle. However, do not be surprised to see people go heavy on the eyeliner instead to make the eyes pop.

While this year carries many of the same styles as last year, the colors are taking a step back in time. You will not see much in the way of blush, but bronzer will be used to give the face definition. Finally, make sure you finish the look with a finishing spray for an all-day look.

What makeup trends are you liking this year?


  1. I love using blue eyeshadows, especially that it goes well with my brown eyes. Good to know that it is a trend this year :)

  2. I don't look good with blue eye-shadow but I look great in purple. So weird!

    Thanks so much for these awesome tips!