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March 10, 2016

Must-Have Beauty Gadgets for 2016

Must-Have Beauty Gadgets for 2016   via  www.productreviewmom.com
Post contains Amazon affiliate links.  Photo Credit: Dollar Photo Club/ gstockstudio

Growing old is not something you can avoid, but you do not have to show anyone else you are aging. The tech industry is continuing to help people look younger than they are, all while keeping the skin healthier. There are many beauty gadgets that come and go, and here are the top gadgets that should be in your bathroom in 2016.

Hair Remover

Hair grows all over the body, but smooth skin is what women want. Therefore, removing that hair is a necessity. Instead of shaving, which results in hair growing back quicker and coarser than before, consider a hair removal system. You will want to make sure you remove a bulk of the hair first, and then use a product like the Iluminage Precise Touch to remove any extra hair on your legs, lips, neck, underarms, and bikini lines. It is just as effective as letting a professional remove the hair but only a fraction of the cost. With needing to remove your hair every few months, it is easy to see why this product is necessary.

Nail Printer

Why pay for a professional to apply nails when you can print and apply at home? There are complex systems like the iNail, but you can also find that the Sodial Printer is a great product. It is extremely easy to use and you simply stamp the image onto your nail. You will get a set of different paint and then can customize the look. With this printer, you do not have to worry about any chemicals that come with curing or waiting in a nail salon to have someone else do the work.

Make-Up Mobile Application

Sometimes it is easier to get ready when you see what the colors already look like on you. As long as you have a mobile device, you can get the ModiFace for free and use your own face to determine how something will look on your facial shape and skin tone. In addition to looking at make-up, this application will also help you see what you would look like with white teeth and tanned skin. You do not have to fear what you will look like with different hair color, colored contacts, or skin tone without seeing a picture first.

Eye Massager

The best way to find out if someone is aged and/or exhausted is to look at their eyes. With the Breo Eye Massager, you can remove dark circles and puffiness by improving the circulation. The massager will also help you relax and reduce headaches and eye strain. There are three different massage modes and it is battery powered for portability, as well as folding in half. This allows you to be exhausted from a long night, without letting everyone else know.

There are many other devices that will help you stay beautiful from home in 2016, but these are the top four that should be in your home.

What have been your favorite must-have beauty gadgets this year?


  1. That Breo Eye Massager sounds wonderful! Too bad it is so expensive! :) Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Yeah, I wish it wasn't so expensive.