Work It Out: Super Stylish Fitness Wear

Work It Out: Super Stylish Fitness Wear  via

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As we get older, working out is essential to maintaining great health. Some women love the gym and need little to no inspiration to get in there and hit that treadmill. The rest of us need a little more motivation and inspiration. Many women don't mind actually exercising, it's getting to the gym or pressing play on the dvd player that gets in the way. Nothing inspires us to get out there more than when we're feeling attractive. Your fitness wear doesn't have to be boring, so up the ante with these cute pieces that will make you feel good before you press play or walk out the door!

Work It Out: Super Stylish Fitness Wear  via

These adorable leggings are patterned with pale pink, deep purple and white feathers. The elastic waistband stretches to fit various waist sizes and their flattering fit will put a little extra pep in your step!

Work It Out: Super Stylish Fitness Wear  via

A loose fitting tank is an excellent way to camouflage your midsection and still look sexy. I just love this tank that displays Shakespeare's famous quote " And though she be but little, she is fierce." Sometimes working out can challenge us in ways that we hadn't imagined but we have to know that we've got what it takes!

Work It Out: Super Stylish Fitness Wear  via

Adorned with various types of geometric shapes, these leggings are attractive and edgy.  Their shrink resistant and moisture wicking material guarantees that you'll have them for a while and stay dry while you're getting in shape!

Do you like wearing stylish fitness wear? 

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  1. Hi Lou, I do not wear stylish fitness wear usually when I go walkinget as I just grab sweats, mostly because of comfort. I'm sure if I was at a gym, it would be more motivation to look cute while working out. These pieces are super cute too. Noting like feeling good while working out!

    1. Since I started working out at the gym, I noticed that the women wear what they feel comfortable in. However, cute fitness clothes does give you the motivation to work out so you can show off your fitness wear if you're at a gym.

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