See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas with Simply Scrub

See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas  via
I was given Simply Scrub for free to give my honest opinions.  Post contains affiliate links.

Hey Yall!  How did you survive Winter Storm Jonas?  Did you get a dusting of snow or mountains piled high with it?

See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas  via

Atlanta didn't get hardly any snow; it was like mother nature sprinkled snow dust all over the grass, roofs, and cars, which quickly melted as the day went along.  Atlanta went into a panic, cleaned out the grocery stores thinking we would be hit hard by the storm, also thinking we would be stuck at home for days.  I'm happy that wasn't the case because I remember a couple of years back we had a severe ice storm, roads were dangerous to drive on, stores were close for days, and my family and I were stuck in our cooped up apartment for a week.  When that all melted, stepping out of our apartment felt like we were just released out of jail!

Since I recently returned home from Las Vegas, I knew where I'll be even if there was no snow and the sun was shining at 70 degrees, at home resting up.  Vegas took a lot out of me due to waking up early each day, walking up and down the strip, and walking throughout those huge casinos; I was super exhausted!

My girls came to me asking me where we're going for the weekend, I had to bust their bubble because momma needs a break, we'll return to our regular scheduled program of weekend fun the following weekend; I need to recuperate.  They were understanding and spent the weekend playing on their new Wii U, also watching kid's shows on Netflix.

I spent the winter storm weekend catching up on sleep, watching shows I recorded on DVR, and pampering myself.

Back in December, I was given some body scrubs to try out to see what my thoughts were about them.  I haven't had the time to try them out due to all the traveling I've been doing, but now I finally settled down for the moment and put these scrubs to use.

Simply Scrub helps to nourish, heal, and revitalize the skin, using ingredients that mother nature created.  All of their scrubs are 100% natural and organic.

See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas   via

My hair was in need of washing, so I took that opportunity while in the shower to use Simply Scrub.  First up, the Coffee scrub!

Ingredients: Organic Coffee Beans, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Dead Sea Mineral Salt, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Honeycomb

I love these ingredients; I can understand what everything is in this product.  And for $13.00, price is not bad either.

I hopped in the shower, washed my hair, and let my conditioner sit in my hair for awhile for deep conditioning.  I opened up the coffee scrub, and the aroma of fresh coffee beans filled the air, definitely woke up my senses.  It reminded me when I was a little girl visiting my grandmother's house, and at 5 or 6 am she had a pot of Folger's brewing while watching the morning news.  Her coffee sure made the house wake up from our deep slumber.

See How I Pampered Myself During Winter Storm Jonas  via

I scooped out some of the scrub, which reminded me of grounded up coffee beans, and the texture was like it too, very gritty.  Rubbing it on wet skin was rough on it, but felt like it was doing its job of removing dead skin cells.  The granules toned down any redness or inflammation I had going on with my skin and made my skin smooth as butter.  I was amazed how this scrub revealed softer, smoother skin without rubbing my skin raw.  The added oils in the scrub helped my skin be moisturized; that is needed with this cold weather.

With using Simply Scrub, no creams or lotions are necessary after use, but I used my favorite body cream for added moisture and boy was my skin feeling like a baby!

There is one thing I didn't like about Simply Scrub which was it causes your shower floor to be quite a mess.  I was using my feet to get the loose scrub particles to go down the drain.  But other than that, I love these scrubs!  All scrubs help with different skin conditions.

I can see it now; my skin will be ready for the warm sun this spring, and hot sun rays of summer!  Time to get your skin right ladies, swimsuit season will be here before you know it!  Hurry up spring and summer, I miss you!


What did you do during Winter Storm Jonas?

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  1. We got a good bit of snow ice snow ice & snow all mixed together here in northern NC. It shut us down for 3 days. I did a whole bunch a nothing! I needed the mental break!

  2. No winter storm here, thank goodness. We get enough as it is. I love a good chocolate scrub, but the coffee one seems to rough. I bet it's good on feet though.

  3. This sounds interesting.Hope this coffee scrub gives some good aroma too...

  4. You know we got blasted and am so glad to see the sunshine today to melt it. Coffee scrubs are very good for you, especially on Monday mornings! #ProductReviewParty

  5. Here in Phoenix we never get any snow. But I work as a logistics manager and we ship stuff all over the country. I know that the east coast was hit really hard and many of our shipments were late. Not fun! But that coffee scrub looks really nice. I love the smell of fresh coffee. I wish I could smell it right now.

  6. I love the smell of coffee, that sounds amazing! I'm in Oklahoma so winter storm Jonas didn't affect us much; we just turned on the heater!

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