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Gifts to Give to Tweens on Valentine’s Day

Gifts to Give to Tweens on Valentine’s Day   via  www.productreviewmom.com
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Valentine’s Day isn’t just something for adults and awkward teens. You can give gifts to anyone in your family to let them know how much you love them. For the tween in your life, I’m going to show you some festive gift ideas just for them.

UrbanEars Plattan Headphones

These headphones come in six different shades, including a hot Valentine’s Day red. They come with remote control and are lined with fabric that makes them comfortable to wear during those long easy listening sessions.

They even come with a microphone that’s compatible with majority of mobile phones.

FEED Red Love Bag

Not only do the profits all go to charity, this bag can fit in with any style. It is a simple canvas bag with a logo on the front. Now your tween can feel at ease when they are carrying their belongings around the city. It comes with a couple of extra pockets for added storage space.

Nutcase Helmet

The chances are your tween rides a bike or something else that requires a helmet. If you are having a nightmare trying to convince them that they have to wear a helmet, try a different tactic.

Nutcase has a variety of cute helmets available that your tween is sure to love. You will no longer have to hassle them about putting on their helmet because they will be looking forward to showing it off to all of their friends. 

Headphone Splitter

Do you have a tween who is already starting to find their first romance?

This headphone splitter allows them to share their favorite tunes with their crush on the school bus or when they are hanging out at recess. It gives everyone ample room so they don’t need to beware of accidentally head butting each other along the way.

Sweet Heart Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses in the shape of a love heart is ideal for wearing to the beach or a family gathering. They look old enough to make your tween feel mature, while not being too flashy as to look silly.

It’s a cost-effective token you can give to any young person.

iHome Alarm Clock

Tweens are starting to get to that age where they need to get up at a certain time and they just can’t do it. You have tried yelling at them and you have attempted to throw a bucket of cold water over their heads, but it’s not working.

The one thing they will respond to is technology. The iHome Alarm Clock is the clock that charges their iPhone through the night, while waking them up on time in the morning.

You can find these alarm clocks in a number of clever designs, so you are bound to find something to suit them.

Buying something for a tween is always a tricky experience. Don’t try anything too crazy and you’re guaranteed to get something they’re going to love and appreciate.

What will you be getting your tween?

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