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Fun and Frugal Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Fun and Frugal Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day  via  www.productreviewmom.com
Guest Post by Dana Harris

Who doesn’t like to feel loved and important? Valentine’s Day is exactly the holiday for showing love, affection and friendship. Usually, people celebrate it by going out for dinner or buying presents and flowers, which can be quite expensive and perhaps even spoil the Valentine’s mood. However, there is no need to worry. Instead of buying overpriced gifts, you can just be creative and have a great time with your special ones without spending a lot. These colorful Valentine's printables in various designs and themes will surely come in handy, whether you’re preparing a gift for your partner or for your kids. Roses are red, violets are blue, here are some Valentine tips, specially for you! 

Impress your loved ones with a delicious meal or cookies

Love comes through the stomach. Let this saying be your motto this Valentine’s Day. And cheer up, there is no need to invent new Valentine’s recipes. You can simply prepare your favorite dish and decorate it in the Valentine’s Day spirit. One idea is to place one of the label designs with some lovely message next to dinner plates and pleasantly surprise your loved ones when they sit at the table. 

The same applies to Valentine’s cookies. Just choose a recipe everyone loves and make cookies in the shape of heart. Place them on a plate and decorate them using the printables as toppers. The best choice would probably be the label with a heart-shaped cookie on it. You can either write some inspirational/romantic message on it, or the name of those particular cookies and what they’re made of. This can be very helpful in case someone is allergic to commonly used cookie ingredients.

Since this holiday is all about spending precious time with your closest, another great idea is to cook and bake together. This can be especially interesting to the little ones. You can do the cooking and baking and they can do the decorating. You might be surprised how inventive they can be. Just give them some Valentine’s labels and let their imagination run wild. 

Craft Valentine’s gifts

Gifts are often perceived as more valuable when you’ve put some effort into creating them. Another way of using freshly baked cookies for Valentine’s is to pack them in a goodie bag or some kind of container and decorate it with a ribbon. You can then apply a Valentine’s label on it and think of a Valentine’s riddle to write on the label. That way the person who gets the present can guess who it is from. It’s much more personalized than buying a box of chocolates from a store.  

Play Valentine’s games

If you’re planning a Valentine’s party, organizing games is an important matter on the agenda. Use these labels and organize a “Funny Valentine”, for example. All players, except the leader of the game, get into a circle with a pen and one label, and write a silly thing to do (such as hop on one leg, mew like a cat etc.). They then fold the label so the others can’t see what they’ve written, and at the command of the leader they start passing the labels around the circle until the leader commands them to stop. Then he choses two people who need to play out the instructions on labels without laughing. Those who laugh are out. 

Just download the labels, print them out and jazz up this Valentine’s Day with cookies, decoration and laughter.

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