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Ugly Christmas Sweaters for a Holiday Party

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for a Holiday Party

One of the most popular types of parties and contests during the Christmas holiday is the “Ugly Sweater Contest.” However, these contests can be difficult because ugly sweaters are extremely embarrassing. Here are a few ways to rock those sweaters you are given and get through the contest with style.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for a Holiday Party


Adding twinkling lights to a sweater is one of the fastest ways to make it classify as an ugly sweater. With gift cards on the line, you will want to add flashing colored lights to your sweater. Then you can accessorize the sweater with earrings that also light up to draw more attention to yourself.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for a Holiday Party


There is nothing more annoying than a button that plays a Christmas jingle when pressed. Consider adding sound buttons that play a song that works with the sweater, such as Santa Clause is coming to Town if you have a Saint Nicolaus on your sweater. If you are not able to add sound to the sweater, you can always have sound in your accessories, such as a necklace or watch.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for a Holiday Party

Go Beyond Christmas Designs

Even though the ugly sweater contests are held during the holidays, there are many designs that are not Christmas themed. Look for a sweater that has an obnoxious color scheme and work with it on your accessories. They also do not have to be limited to the Christmas spirit. For example, remember that Hanukah is during the same time frame and there are plenty of tacky sweaters that symbolize celebrating that holiday. There is nothing wrong with taking the sweater contest to the next level.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for a Holiday Party

Go Bold

It is also important that you are not afraid to go bold when it comes to getting into the ugly Christmas sweater spirit. You can add tinsel to the sweater by tacking it around the pictures, collars, or cuffs of the sweater. The strength of the sweater comes by knowing you are rocking it and showing it off. Be comfortable and have fun, then you will really show off the true ugliness of the design.

Create a Couple

Finally, take the ugly sweater contest to the next level by wearing sweaters that work with your partner’s design. Just as Halloween costumes can carry a theme, so can ugly sweaters. In addition, when you compete with someone else, you are more likely to feel comfortable with your own tackiness.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are not likely to go anywhere any time soon. They started with the well-meaning family members who were looking for warm gifts to give to people, but did not realize the awfulness of the color scheme. Take those sweaters and add lights, sound, and accessorize for a night full of fun. There really is no other use for them, so make sure you give them the worth they are due. If you are hosting a contest party, make sure you think of really good awards for the brightest sweater, loudest colors, ugliest sweater, and even the best group photo. The more fun you throw into it, the weirder the sweaters you will see.

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