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Fun Family Friendly Places to Go to for New Year’s Eve

Fun Family Friendly Places to Go to for New Year’s Eve   via  www.productreviewmom.com
Our New Year's Eve trip to Florida.   Post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Partying on New Year’s Eve is an American tradition. If you are single or a couple, there will be parties, cocktail hours, midnight buffets, and get-togethers galore. When you have kids, you have to restructure your night a little bit to keep everyone entertained. If you are looking for some family friendly trip ideas for your New Year’s Eve celebrations, here are some places that everyone will enjoy. 

Disney theme parks

Disney theme parks are often the favorite of many children. Most children grow up reading Disney stories at bedtime and watching the old Disney collectibles movies as well as the new releases. If you want to make everyone happy on New Year’s Eve, a Disney park will act as your go to source of New Year’s Eve magic. On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day there will be musical entertainment, fireworks, special guests, and more. Your entire family will get a sense of wonder and magic on the eve of the opening of a new year at a Disney park. However, get to the park early on New Year’s Eve because the parks get crowded fast.  There was a time my family and I went to Disney World Magic Kingdom for New Year’s Eve and we were not allowed in due to the park being over capacity.

Fireworks display

If you would rather stay in state, going to your state capital or a beach vacation for a fireworks display is a great idea. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate, some of your favorite snacks, and bundle up to watch the fireworks go off. If you want to do a toast, bring some grape juice along with champagne glasses for everyone to join in on the fun. If you are going to be near the area of the fireworks display, be sure to bring ear muffs or ear plugs for the youngest members of your family and those with sensitive hearing. 

Hotel vacation resorts

Whether you prefer to spend your winters in a tropical climate or if you prefer to lounge in the misty ambiance of a snowy area, you should check out a resort for New Year’s Eve. Resorts that are all inclusive will allow you to have fun without having to leave the general area of your living quarters. Take your children to a family friendly resort then participate in the children’s activities for New Year’s. Once you and your kids are exhausted from all of the fun, you can quickly get back to your accommodations and get to sleep before getting your New Year’s day started. 

Family friendly cocktail party with friends

If you don’t want to give up your old New Year’s Eve traditions just because you have children, there are fun and easy ways to throw a New Year’s Eve cocktail party that is kid friendly. Get together with some of your other stylish parent friends and plan a home cocktail party. Decorate the dining room for a fancy dinner and display kid friendly hors-d'oeuvre and virgin cocktails. Get all of the kids dressed up in their fanciest gear including suits, suspenders, and cute dresses. Play your favorite music, eat, drink and be merry all while counting down the minutes until a brand new year dawns. 

Where does your family like to go on New Year’s Eve?

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