Thanksgiving Items Needed for Decorating and Entertaining

Thanksgiving Items Needed for Decorating and Entertaining

Holiday meal planning takes a lot of thought, especially if you are planning to entertain several guests. There are simple things that you can do that will spruce your house up and make your Thanksgiving memorable to everyone. It is recommended that you start planning in advance so you have time to find items that will match your theme.

Drink Buffet

You should always have a drink buffet available for your guests. You can place this buffet near the front door, or in the room where you will be doing the socializing. All drink buffets should have a large container for ice, and then a variety of drinks. Consider providing tea, coffee, and water. If you are planning on offering alcoholic beverages, it may be beneficial to have a different bar for these to monitor how fast you are going through the bottles. The reason the drink buffet is a necessity is your guests will want something to drink while conversing, and it gives you a little more time to finish final preparations on the meal.

Add Colored China

Most people use their fine china for holiday meals, but do not think about adding color to the table. There are plenty of china patterns that come in different colors so you can use the plates to serve different dishes. In addition, the large serving bowls or platters can be used to add color with fresh fruits and vegetables for snacking. If you have extra platters, you can use one to place the cornucopia on to prevent worrying about staining your table runner during the dinner. They make for sturdy centerpieces, while still adding to the color and creativeness of the overall design.


While you can get away with simple tumblers for your drink buffet, you will want nice glassware for the dinner table. Make sure that each place setting has a water glass and a wine glass, in addition to the plates and silverware. Colorful glass that is hand-blown may be expensive, but it will add a decorative touch to your table.


Candles are a great way to add light and complimentary scents to the table. You can use tall tapered candles along the table runner, or consider a center piece that is comprised of votive and tall jar candles. These candles should either be unscented or made with fall scents. The unscented candles are generally ideal because they promote the natural fragrance of the cooked dishes.

Add in Natural Elements

Thanksgiving is all about nature and adding some natural elements to the table can be extremely easy. Look at collecting some of the colorful fallen leaves and place them along with fresh walnuts around the drink buffet and dessert table. If you are not able to find these in your yard, contact friends who may have an accumulation of them in their yard.

Finally, complete your evening with a game that leaves everyone with a cherished memory. Friends and family love to gather during the holidays to spend time together and create memories. Having crayons and other crafts is not only vital for the children, it helps the adults form memories for years to come.

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How do you decorate and entertain during the holiday season?

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