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How to Keep Your Sanity during the Holiday Season

How to Keep Your Sanity during the Holiday Season  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Did you know that at least 25% of people experience anxiety or depression during the holidays? Well, it’s true. Therefore, today I thought it would be a good idea to discuss how to keep your sanity during the holiday season before it arrives.

Connect with Others That Are Like You

If you find yourself in a down mood or feeling anxious, connect with others who are feeling the same way you do when the holidays become near. There are numerous MeetUp groups that could help (or you could start one in your area), there are support groups and there are online communities specifically for those who have a hard time during the holidays.

You may feel as though there is no one who understands what you are going through. However, trust me, someone understands. 

Practice Breathing Techniques

This may sound a little silly now, however, when you are under that holiday season stress utilizing breathing techniques can help you a lot (it works during tax season too).  

The basic technique that you should master is very easy. You just count to four as you breathe from your chest, count to four as you breathe out and rest for four counts. You can repeat as often as needed until you are calmed down.

Don’t Listen to Your Inner Critic

During the holiday season, our inner critic seems to come out the most. This is especially true when present shopping or preparing to entertain guests. We can start doubting ourselves about our events and even wonder if the person we are shopping for a present for will like what we pick out for them. 

Just make sure that you watch out for your inner critic’s voice and ignore it and you will be just fine. Whenever your inner critic starts speaking, just speak positive thoughts about yourself to drown it out.

Laugh Often

Whenever you feel something negative has occurred laugh. Laugh often to make it through the holiday season. Even if everything that could go wrong seems to go wrong, find the bright side out of the situation. It may seem hard to do but when you realize the good that comes with the bad, you will find yourself being less stressed during the holiday season.

Don’t Stress About Things That You Cannot Change

When you cannot change something, such as a certain present being out of stock until after the holidays, do not let it stress you out. During the holidays, you should be joyful and spending time with family. Therefore, when something happens that is beyond your control you cannot let it put a damper on your holiday spirit. Things change all of the time yet that does not mean that we cannot take a different route to achieve similar results.

Do you dread when the holiday season comes up? If so, what do you do to maintain your sanity during the holiday season?

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