Have Picky Eaters At Home? Things You Can Do To Keep Everyone Happy At Dinner Time

Have Picky Eaters At Home? Things You Can Do To Keep Everyone Happy At Dinner Time  via  www.productreviewmom.com
 Guest post by Anita Ginsburg

Mealtime can be tricky for a family with one or two picky eaters. Instead of trying to make someone eat something they don’t like, switch things up a bit and you will be able to keep them all happy. Here are six ways to make it happen: 

    1. Include Different Breads

Get rid of boring bread and introduce a nutritious, yet delicious, variety of breads. Whole grains, ancient grains, oatmeal breads, rye, sourdough and pita bread all have unique attributes to enhance meals. Just because a picky eater doesn’t like store-brand wheat bread doesn’t mean he will dislike a higher-quality whole grain bread. You can find quality breads at Klosterman Baking Company. Because bread is already likely a familiar food item in the home, introducing different flavors or textures of bread won't be as difficult as introducing a completely new food. 

    1. Disguise Vegetables

Many children and adults dislike certain vegetables in their natural form, but will eat these vegetables readily if you cook them in other ways. Some examples include using zucchini for zucchini bread, adding kale or spinach to smoothies, blending broccoli into a quiche, adding diced or pureed vegetables into omelets, stews or casseroles. You don’t even have to mention that you used the vegetable in the recipe unless they ask.

    1. Make Meals Interesting and Artful

Adults appreciate good presentation of food on a plate, and kids are more likely to try something if it is presented in a fun way. Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches or fruits into interesting shapes, or make miniature pizzas using one-half of an English muffin as the crust. Using kid-friendly decorative plates and utensils also helps make a meal more festive for kids. For older members of the family, break out the nice plates and stemware for every meal and not just for the holidays. Each meal can be treated as a nice occasion. 

    1. Use Substitutions

Many recipes can be altered slightly without completely destroying the taste. If some of your family dislikes beef, make chili with lentils instead. If someone is allergic to dairy or dislikes it, use milk alternatives. There is usually some alternative ingredient you can use.

    1. Make Meals Versatile

When you are making foods that you know some family members love and others hate, find ways to compromise. When making pizza, for example, you can have your picky eaters help and create their own individual pizzas with only the toppings they like. If you are making sloppy Joes or some other beef meal that someone doesn’t like, leave out enough hamburger for a hamburger patty for that person.

    1. Keep Portions Small for Kids

A big serving on a plate can feel overwhelming to any child, especially a picky eater. Keep portions small and offer a variety of food. Using a big plate will keep portions appearing even smaller, but pay attention to how much your child actually eats at each meal and size the portions accordingly. 

Remember that you don’t have to do it all alone. Getting picky eaters involved in meal preparation helps them feel listened to and can help them discover more foods they like. Even young children can help in small ways, such as taking a spoon to the sink or handing the cook the saltshaker. By getting picky eaters involved, they can see how much work goes into cooking and will be less inclined to take that hard work for granted. 

Do you have a picky eater at home?


  1. I am the picky eater lol. I season my veggies well and I also threaten the kids with dessert for eating their dinner. It usually works if I can just get my son to eat pizza then we will be winners over here

    1. I'm a picky eater too and so our my girls. Sometimes getting them to eat certain foods is like pulling teeth.

  2. My niece is a very picky eater, she just wants to eat chicken fingers everyday. Definitely sharing this with my sis!

    1. My youngest use to be like that too. I had to nip that in the butt quick; now all she wants is hamburgers! UGH!!!!!!

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