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Built to Last: Why You Should Spend a Little Extra to Get Quality Clothing for Your Family

Built to Last: Why You Should Spend a Little Extra to Get Quality Clothing for Your Family  via  www.productreviewmom.com
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 Guest Post by Anita Ginsburg

In today's tight economy, it is easy to run to a big chain store to find something to wear to the weekend's upcoming event, but research has shown this may not save money in the long run. Spur-of-the-moment purchases usually end up stuck in the back of the closet only to be replaced by something more expensive later. However, there is a way to invest in quality clothing without emptying out a checking account.

Cheap Does Not Mean a Good Buy

Just because something costs less does not mean it is a good bargain. Bargain buys from inexpensive box stores generally lack durability which can be costly in the end. If an item has to be replaced within a month or two, no money has been saved. It is better to put some money aside until a quality, long-lasting garment can be purchased. 

Invest in Basics

When purchasing basics such as shoes, wallets or handbags, it makes sense to put more money into these items because they will be used daily. Well-made, handcrafted accessories tend to be more durable ad also provide the comfort and longevity needed in items that are used every day. Clothing items like tank tops and jeans should also be good quality, but that doesn’t mean you have to search hard for the best quality and price. You can find durable jeans and pants online at www.allusaclothing.com

Learn to Identify Quality

When purchasing a blouse or shirt, hold the fabric next to the skin to make sure it is not too thin, coarse or itchy. Check out the buttons and button holes. If the buttons are lose or the button holes frayed, this is not a quality garment. Also, make certain there is a hem in the bottom of pants or slacks and not just a stitched line.

Need Versus Want

If a person lives in the deep south, it does not make sense for them to purchase a heavy, expensive winter coat each year. The coat will probably only be worn a few times each winter. However, if a consumer lives in the northeast, the need to invest in a quality winter coat cannot be overstated. Not only should the coat be heavy and warm, it should be well-made and durable.

Avoid Fads

If something is popular on the runway today, it does not mean it will still be in style tomorrow. It is better to stick with classics and change things up with brightly colored scarves, unusual belts or statement necklaces.

Quality clothes that last can save you money in the long run. Putting a little money aside to purchase something well-made will be worth the effort, for both your closet and your wallet.


  1. I am cheap but I love good clothes. What I do is buy off season for the next season and buy two sizes up just in case the kids want to have a growth spurt. Great tips!

    1. I like to shop in-between seasons since the prices are lower. I also do off-season as well. And yep, I do a couple of sizes bigger for my daughters too.

  2. I hate cheap clothes that don't last more than a month. Like Kita said I like to shop off season so I can buy quality clothes at a great price.

    1. I feel ya, I hate cheap clothes too! In the long run, if people keep buying cheap clothes they'll end up buying more and more cheap clothes and that will cost them a lot of money. Instead they could've purchased quality clothes that will last them longer.