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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Best Fall Beauty Trends

Best Fall Beauty Trends  via  www.productreviewmom.com
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Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the runway models showing off their bold experimental makeup, however, I was hoping that the next trend would be something that easier to create at home. Thankfully, Fashion Week has not disappointed because the top fall trends for 2015 make me want to try them out immediately. Berry lips, flushed cheeks and a few other trends we will discuss today are in and I am eagerly waiting for fall to arrive. 

Berry Lips

Berry lips are in, they were hot in the 90s and 2015 has brought them back around for the season. Ripe berry lips and plum black lips are two of the projected hottest lip trends for this fall. 

Bronze Eyeshadow
Metallic eyeshadow hasn’t really left the beauty trends list. However, this season bronze is the color instead of gold and silver. I like it because it works great with berry lips and it allows you to have a warmer natural look. 

Flushed Cheeks
Do your cheeks become flushed during the cold winter months? If so, you are going to love fall this year. Flushed cheeks have made the list, so feel free to take as many brisk winter walks as you like. 

Graphic Eyeliner
If you are a fan of cat eyes, the graphic eyeliner look will be right up your alley. You benefit from wearing your eyeliner like this during the fall too, because it lifts your eyes and makes your face more intriguing. 

DIY Smoky Eyes
You have to love the sexy smoky eyes. However, we all know how hard this look is to achieve at home. The good news is, beauty enthusiasts are realizing this. Now, runway models are wearing a DIY look, which is what we have already been wearing, trying to perfect the smoky eye technique. All you will need to achieve this look is a black and a brown liner

Did you see the runway models this year at the fashion show? Many of them were rocking some type of ponytails. While the regular “I don’t have time to do something to my hair” ponytails are not in, ponytails have been okayed for this year as long as you take a few extra minutes to make them unique.

Big Bangs
Have you been keeping your bang pinned back all summer? Now is the time to get it trimmed up. Big Bangs are in for fall, so if you love sporting a bang, go ahead and let it hang.

Facial Accessories
While facial piercing have had their glory days, this fall you can get in on the fun in a “real-world” way. You can do glittery crystals on your lash lines or add some hair jewelry to your hairstyles.

Healthy Skin
Last, but certainly not least, healthy skin is in this fall. Yes, you don’t have to put on makeup everyday now. Instead, drink water and get plenty of sleep so you can show off your natural, glowing, and healthy skin. 

Which fall beauty trend do you like the most?

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