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| Sunday

Simple Things You Can Do Around The Home To Keep It Cleaner And Organized

If you're like many others, cleaning the house can be one of those "wish list" items rather than "must do" priorities that we all know it should be. After all, as if time and energy weren't scarce enough, it's doubly difficult to keep things spotless when you aren't quite sure how to go about it in the first place. If you fear that getting your home clean and organized is out of your reach, take heart. With only a few simple steps, you can discover that keeping your home clean is easier than ever. 

    1. Grab a Buddy

Although the idea of bringing someone in to survey the scene can be mortifying, you'd be surprised how much a friend can boost your morale. If you have a friend who enjoys sorting and organizing, see if you can get a bit of encouragement and advice before you begin. Not only can this supply you with ideas you hadn't considered; it can also make you accountable and help you stick to the job until it's done since you'll know your friend will be asking how it's going. 

    1. Be Ruthless About the Clutter

Clutter starts with good intentions fueled by procrastination, and it grows by allowing the procrastination habit to stay firmly entrenched. To beat it, you must take that first step and just get moving. Once you see even a small improvement in one area of the house, the resulting relief can be just the energy boost you need to catapult you to other areas of the house. 

    1. Get Organizers

Even if you don't have time to go through everything in the home, you can make clutter look organized with a few boxes and drawers. Putting bins in the entry can keep shoes, backpacks, coats, mail, keys and more organized and neat. You can find stackable bins to use in bedrooms to keep toys and other clutter to a minimum as well.

    1. Natural Cleaning Solutions

Natural cleaners can help keep your home clean and organized in more ways than one. Using basic products you already have in the home like vinegar and baking soda to clean can help you keep the clutter down in your home. Natural health experts like Gary Young recommend using essential oils in your cleaning routine. They can help get rid of mold, purify the air and clean tough stains. There are many different oils that you can use throughout your home to keep viruses away too.

    1. Use A Calendar

Whether you want to hang a calender in your home or use a calendar app, it's important to have in your life. A calendar that your kids can easily see can be helpful for chores too. If they see their name and chore and certain day, it's easy for them to remember their cleaning jobs around the home, helping everyone in the end. It can also help you stay organized and manage your time better.

Once you've taken these important steps in getting your home decent and in order, you'll see an improvement the longer you keep your mind focused on the goal. Just remember, house cleaning isn't a one-time show. Schedule some time regularly to think, plan, and act to keep your home maintained.

Any tips you'd like to share that helps you keep your home clean and organized?


  1. Great blog post! I'd also suggest maybe donating some things to charity or even throwing them away! ~Purple Shadow x