Night Driving Safety Tips for Your Next Road Trip

Night Driving Safety Tips for Your Next Road Trip  via

It seems like more and more families are opting for road trip vacations. It offers more time together, and a cheap way to see a lot of sights you usually might miss. Longer road trips usually involve driving at night, so drivers should be prepared to face anything on their journey. Here are some safety tips to help get you all home in one piece.

Use Technology to Avoid Drowsiness

Getting tired is often the hardest thing to deal with on a long drive because it can strike suddenly or gradually. It is a good idea to see if you can rent a car that has an attention assist feature installed. Dozing off while driving is one of the most dangerous potential hazards night drivers face. Set an alarm to go off every hour, or keep awake with a book on tape or loud music.

Sip Caffeine

Many people don't like to drink coffee at night, but there are many other options available to help keep your energy up. Most drugstores carry caffeine pills which are great for night drivers. You could also chew or suck on ice, or periodically switch drivers or stop for a stretch.

Watch for Animals

Animals have a tendency to dart out in the dark without warning, especially on less traveled roads. Take care to watch for deer and other large mammal crossings in wooded areas. Hitting a deer or similarly sized animal could completely destroy the car’s hood. Local governments are usually required to post signs where there are frequent wild animals crossing. So keep your eyes peeled and always look a bit ahead on the road.

Practice Extra Safe Driving

The main reason driving at night is dangerous is because visibility is drastically reduced. Some drivers occasionally forget to turn their lights on, and others may fail to use turn signals. Night driving often involves driving for hours on highways at high speeds. Your best bet is to go a little bit slower than the posted speed limit to make sure you stay safe. Going 65 instead of 70 might cut twenty minutes off of your arrival time, but it could also save your life.

Practicing safe night driving is something everyone should do whether you’re on a long road trip, or just headed home after work. Often it’s the other drivers on the road you will need to watch out for. Just stay alert in the dark and you'll be fine.

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  1. The animals are probably one of the things I have to think about especially when driving those back country roads. Great tips. I prefer early morning driving like leaving around 5am

    1. It's scary to me driving at night. There has been times when animals popped out and ran across the road in front of me while driving, good thing I never hit any of them.

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