Fashionable Mom: How You Can Keep Up With The Latest Styles Without Breaking The Bank

Fashionable Mom: How You Can Keep Up With The Latest Styles Without Breaking The Bank

Moms juggle a lot of details and do a great job at attending to other family members. Be sure to also make time to pursue your dreams and interests, and to feel and look good while enjoying life with your family. Read on for some great tips about staying on top of your fashion game without going broke.

1. Hair Matters

Dedicate a nice chunk of your fashion budget to hair care. Well done hair styles and even colors instantly make you look up to date and beautiful in any apparel. Consider having services done at a hair school where students try out their training and give deep discounts.

2. Wear Flattering Jeans

These are an essential piece of your wardrobe. Find a great pair that fits well and is long lasting. Putting some money into your jeans allows you to mix it up inexpensively as you experiment with pairing various belts, shirts in a range of colors and fits, and shoes such as ballet flats, heels, or slim fitting boots with your jeans.

3. Invest in a Cardigan or Trench

You must own pieces of clothing that allow you to make transitions in seasons while looking effortlessly put together. Avoid looking awkward and over committed to one season or the other. Choose a lightweight cardigan or trench and use it to layer and look fabulous.

4. Hang Out with Fashionable Friends, or Follow Fashion Blogs

If you simply feel at a loss for fashion ideas, look to friends who have a knack for fashion, or regularly keep tabs on fashion bloggers who post clothing combinations that you admire. Have an informal gathering with friends where everyone brings items that they no longer wear. Everyone can de-clutter and also try out some new and free items to mix up the existing wardrobe. Listen to suggestions from each other for what to pair together and how to accessorize.

5. Sign Up For A One Month Stylist Trial

Consider signing up for a monthly service that involves completing information about your style preferences and budget, and having a professional stylist choose clothing for you to accept or decline.

6. Use Coupons Or Shop At Consignment Stores

Name brand clothing is accessible to anyone. Keep an eye on coupons for your favorite stores, and also remember that there are both physical name brand consignment stores, and also online name brand consignment providers. Theses venues are generally quite picky about what they accept and sell, so you are likely to find top name clothing that looks new, but is a fraction of the new retail cost. Coupons for 6pm can save you money on the most fashionable clothing and accessories.

Looking fashionable on a budget can be fun and exciting. Know that being a mom makes the world even bigger. Kids see the world with open eyes, and it is a fun challenge to also see style in a variety of angles and pursue it with happiness and confidence.

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