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Fall Fashion Trends for Back to School

Fall Fashion Trends for Back to School  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Back to school means new teachers, new books, and new school supplies. One of the most exciting parts about back to school for all of us means new fashion trends. If you love fashion and you want to pass on your love for clothing trends to your children, back to school time is the best time to start. Here are some of the trends that you can use to get started on your children’s wardrobe for the coming school year. 

Neutrals trends
The current mixing and matching of neutrals is not just for adults. Children are engaging in this trend as well. When selecting shirts for your children it is okay to play around with different shades of tan, blue, grey, and black. This is because these shirts can easily go with a variety of different bottoms.

Dark rinse jeans
Dark jeans are a great choice for boys and girls of all ages. Denim in a dark color makes any outfit look dressy, yet is a very durable fabric on the playground and during science class. Dark jeans are easy for mom to clean up, as they are more resistant to staining and a load of jeans can be thrown in the wash together. All children, from preschool to college look great in deep blue jeans. 

Espadrille shoes
For boys and girls, espadrilles are the “in” shoe. If you are a mom who hates having to deal with shoelaces, or want a slide and go shoe for your child, espadrilles are the ticket. Espadrilles come in all colors and sizes, making them perfect for toddlers to teenagers. Espadrilles also keep the entire foot covered and can work well in the fall and spring. There are espadrilles available in all price ranges, so you are sure to find the perfect ones that easily fit into your back to school shopping budget.

Plaid button ups
Both as a jacket and as a shirt, plaid button ups have made a comeback for kids. No longer considered old school, plaid button ups work well to spice up an otherwise plain outfit. Throwing a plaid button up over a neutral shirt on the chilly days is easy for kids to do. Children will also have an easier time bringing a button up back home, rather than lugging around a coat in the afternoons. This will lighten your child’s load and keep clothing coming back home where they belong. 

Screen T-Shirts
T-shirts with your favorite characters and sayings are the best way to spark conversations. Let the kids pick out screen t-shirts with sayings and cartoons as a part of their back to school wardrobe. Your children and their friends will get a kick out of the shirts and it may help your shy or new student stand out in a crowd and make new friends with similar interests. Screen shirts made of cotton are comfortable, and getting them pre-shrunk will help keep up with your child’s growth spurts. 


What fashion trends are your kids looking forward to this year?

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