How to Get Your Kids in Back to School Mode

How to Get Your Kids in Back to School Mode  via

Summer seems as though it has flew by entirely too quickly. Just as we are starting to really enjoy our relaxed summer schedules, it seems now it is time to start getting back into the back to school groove. Kids have to start prepping for back to school early or when September comes, it will be hard to make it to class on the first day of school on time. Today, I am sharing some tips with you that will help you get your kids in back to school mode. 

Get on a gradual bedtime schedule

Going from staying late each night to waking up early in the morning is a difficult task for adults, and even more so for children. If your children are in the midst of a party all night and day summer routine, it is time to get them started on a regular bedtime. Instead of introducing a strict bedtime all at once, you can perform this gradually. Start by making bedtime an hour early. For instance, if your children are up until 11pm, start sending them to bed at 10pm. The next week, start out a 9pm bedtime, and move up gradually until you hit the magic number for your household. Make sure to begin a gradual wakeup schedule in the same way. 

Continue to prep clothing for the morning

One of the best ways parents and children can save time is to get a lot of prep work done at night.  I suggest having everyone take a shower and lay his or her clothes out each night before bed. By doing these two simple things you will be able to keep your sanity during the school year. Furthermore, these may seem like simple tasks yet they can be the key to allowing you to start the days later on school days. 

Go on learning adventures

One of the biggest issues with summer is that it is not used to continue learning. During the summer, go on learning adventures or play educational games. Make it a point to take the children to a museum or another learning activity once a week. Keeping the kids interested in education will mean that your children won’t dread school nearly as much at the end of the summer. 

Go over the schedule

Print out a schedule to keep on the refrigerator detailing the drop off, pick up, and other scheduled times and routes for the school year. Before school starts, have a sit down at the kitchen table and go over the time everyone is expected to be ready each morning. If the children take the bus let them know what time, you will be walking everyone to the bus stop. If you must leave the house at a specific time, let everyone know when everyone must be out the door in the morning. Giving children all of the details can help your children to mentally prepare for the school schedule. 

How do you get your kids back in back to school mode?

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  1. We start next week and I have yet to buy stuff for my son after leaving target and spending over 60+ just for a 1st grader. I am still salty but I gotta get my bedtime right asap no more 3 am

    1. Girl I feel your pain! My girl's supplies usually cost me about $100 each. And this is not even including clothes. :-(

  2. Can you believe it - Malik is working everyday so I don't see him that much but will miss him when he returns to Bowie next month!

    1. Wow, he is growing up so fast sis! I know you'll be missing him very much while he is away at college. It'll be so hard for me when my girls leave the nest as well. :-(

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