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| Thursday

Best Summer Handbags

The best summer handbags don’t boast a lot of new textures or shocking designs. Instead, the focus is on improving the must-have designs that have been holding their own in handbag fashion trends for many seasons past.  This year's summer handbags are updated versions of perennially trendy handbags. Great must-have purses this season are all about expressing yourself and adding some flair to your style.

The Perennial Cross-Body

The cross-body handbag has a huge following and it’s one of the top fashion trends for every season. This summer is no different, with great cross-body bags coming in tiny sizes, slouchy styles and versatile designs. There’s a cross-body bag to fit every mood and style, from casual and relaxed to sassy and fun.

The Classic Styles

The classic handbags never go out of style, and they’re on the top ten list for hot handbag trends this season, too. Classic lady-like purses are getting a bunch of retro touches, making them desirable across a range of seasons and with a wide variety of styles. No matter the classic handbag that appeals to you, you don’t have to worry about it ever going out of style.

The Ever-Popular Bucket Bag

The bucket bag has been in the game for several seasons, and it keeps gaining in popularity with each new season. Designers are going all out with a creative mix of textures, colors and tiny details to make bucket bags one of the season’s hottest styles. There’s a perfect bucket bag for your summer style and they’re roomy enough to carry all your summertime essentials.

The Funky Fringe

Tasseled, fringed handbags are bringing their funky style to brighten summer days and liven up summer nights. With the right fringed handbag, your summer outfits will be the height of fashionable fun. Funky, fantastic and functional, fringed handbags are one of the best summer handbag trends for 2015.

The Faux Fur

While wearing fur in the summer would be ridiculous in most parts of the world, a faux fur handbag can be the perfect complement for your summer wardrobe. From a tiny bit of embellishment to bags made completely from soft furry fabrics, faux fur is in this summer.

Favorite Styles

Your favorite handbags are your favorites for a reason. They’re functional, fun and timeless. With all the new offerings this summer, you’re sure to find even more handbags to add to your favorites.

Do you have a favorite summer handbag?

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