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How to Save Money on Summer Travel With These Tips

How to Save Money on Summer Travel With These Tips  via  www.productreviewmom.com
Our Trip to Wilderness at the Smokies

Many people will tell you to avoid traveling during the summer because the prices skyrocket for everything. However, when you have a family it can be hard to travel during the off-season because of work, school, and other commitments. The good news is you can travel during the summer without overpaying and today I am sharing some tips as to how this can be done.

Take a Trip that Only Requires one Tank of Gas

When planning a vacation try to go somewhere that is close. You will be surprised how many fun things you can do that are within a short range. By going somewhere close, you are able to save money on traveling expense such as gas and a hotel. The kids will still have fun and the entire family can take a break from their normal daily routine.

Save When Flying

If you have to fly to reach your summer destination considering doing the following things:
  • Bring snacks and activities to keep the kids entertained. When selecting activities go for ones they haven’t done at home in a while to keep their attention longer. 

  • Consider purchasing a portable DVD player

  • Take advantage of your carry-on bags

  • When checking for flights comparison shop

  • Sign up for travel newsletters to be alerted when exclusive prices are available

Eat Cheap

You will find that a lot of your budget goes towards food when you travel. Eating out at a sit down restaurant as a family is not required every night. If you book a studio room, you could purchase some groceries and cut down your food expenses. In addition, those gift certificates that you have left sitting in a drawer over the year can be put to good use. I know I often receive gift cards for restaurants and I save them exclusively for when I have to travel. 

Travel Locally

Traveling during the summer could be something as simple as traveling locally. You will be amazed at how many local attractions are in your current location. Additionally, if you have a Theme Park within a short distance you should purchase a Season Pass so the family can go there when everyone is just sitting around. 

Saving money when traveling during the summer can be done in a variety of ways. I always make sure that I compare prices, plan, and save money for the trip throughout the year. 

Make sure to check out my post of more ways on how I save money on family travel trips.

What do you do to save when traveling during the summer?


  1. The gift cards are a good idea since you can use them anywhere! I do believe I still have some from my birthday!

    1. I love gift cards and always save them up when I travel or have big shopping trips coming up.

  2. I truly need to travel much closer to home. Here I am trying to go up north but there are places right around GA that I have never been too. We just came from Jekyll Island never even knew that was down there.

    1. I keep telling myself I need to travel more in Georgia too. Georgia has so many places I haven't visited and it is short driving distance.