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What is SEO and Why It's Important When Blogging?

What is SEO and Why It's Important When Blogging?  via www.productreviewmom.com

No matter how informational and high quality your blog is, it will not be a success if does not get noticed by its audience. One way to make it popular is to get it enlisted in search engine result pages. Whenever your prospective visitors use a search engine to search for your blog topic, your blog should be visible on the very first page of SERPs. That is why, it is important to make your blog search engine optimized. Let us see what exactly SEO is, and how it is important while blogging.

What is search engine optimization?

SEO is an area which is often neglected by most bloggers. Technical minded people test and track things to optimize search engine ranking for blogs and websites. With controlled tests, they discover all the variables you use on your blog, including code, links, keywords etc. The better your blog is optimized, the higher your blog will rank on SERPs. The higher it is, the more number of visitors it is likely to attract. 

Why SEO is important for blogging?

Once your blog gets matured and becomes around one year old, your articles may start showing up on first pages of search engine results, probably for some relevant terms used on your blog. While they may not bring a lot of web traffic, they may help in maintaining a steady flow of new visitors, and this is what makes your blog a successful one. Visibility on search engines is extremely helpful in bringing in new visitors. Although loyal visitors are important for your blog, you need new visitors to your blog as well. New visitors help in growing your blog, and some of them may turn into loyal readers too. 

How to optimize your blog

Basically, there are two types of SEO techniques: white hat techniques and black hat techniques. Black hat techniques are unethical. They may give you instant high rank, but they harm your reputation in the long run. You should employ white hat techniques only to gain a high rank on search engine result pages. The results may be slow, but they are steady. Some white hat SEO techniques to optimize your blog include:

  •                    Find keywords related to your blog’s topic, and use them wisely all over your blog, including the title, headings, subheadings, first sentence, last paragraph, title tags, meta descriptions, anchor text etc.

  •                    Whenever you upload an image to your blog, include the right keywords in its text field.

  •                      Allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog via email, so that they are instantly notified about your blog posts, without the need to check your blog everyday.

  •                    Use Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites to connect with your current and potential visitors. Promote your blog on these sites to gain more exposure.

So, optimize your blog for search engines and receive the most benefit out of it.


How to Make Income with Your Blog- What is SEO and Why It's Important When Blogging?  via www.productreviewmom.com
How to Make Income with Your Blog
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Do you find it hard to get your blog to rank on the first page for its keywords?


  1. Great tips!!! I need to pay more attention to adding keywords in my posts.

    1. Thanks Sonya! Yes, pay attention with your keywords so it can help you rank better with search engines.

  2. These are good tips. I'm getting better with SEO but it takes time to get really good at it!

    1. That is great Robin! Keep working at it!

  3. I need to do better on my pictures and making sure they match the post that is the only thing I am lacking on. Great post!

    1. Thanks Kita! Your pictures looks like it matches with your posts when I'm on your blog.

  4. Thank you for the tips! I need to go make sure my keywords are in my photo text.

    1. Thanks Paris. Yes, because search engine bots do not know what your pictures are, they can only read text so when you include your keywords with your pictures it helps to let the search engines know what they are.

  5. thanks for nyc tips.i also apply on mine blog :)