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Top Spring Fashion Trends for Girls and Boys

This spring, kids’ fashion trends are all about bold patterns, bright colors and sweet pastels. If you have a little fashionista on your hands, this spring is going to be their favorite season ever. Once you see these great trends, it is all over but the shopping; which, admittedly, can be a little rough on both you and them!

Top Fashion Trends for Girls

This season spells charming fashion and lots of color for girls. From floral prints to pastels, patterns, neon, denim and more, girls are assured many great choices in their favorite styles.

Floral Prints – Celebrate the riot of colorful spring flowers with cute floral print dresses for your young lady, or adorable two-piece floral themed sets for your tiny diva.

– Soft, sweet colors and floaty fabrics pair to give your little darling a gorgeous spring look. From whimsical sets to soft-hued single pieces, pastels are a huge part of the fashion landscape this season.

Bold Prints – Brash prints are popping this spring; for your littlest woman to your trendiest teen, bold, fun prints are sure to please.

Denim – A perennial favorite no matter the season, denim once again makes a statement this spring. Grab a pair of embellished skinny jeans or outfit your little cutie in polka-dotted denim rompers; you can’t go wrong with denim.

Bright Colors – Nothing says spring for your little princess like bright, saturated colors. From brightly striped dresses to pop-off-the-fabric floral prints, spring is the perfect season to give your girl all the color in the world!

Top Fashion Trends for Boys

Girls are not the only ones who like to look great. Spring is a great fashion season for boys, too. The trends for boys this spring feature bold colors, graphic tees, denim and more.

Bold, Vibrant Colors – Solid-color polo shirts and trendy pants in bright shades are great options for staying on top of this trend. There is color everywhere in the spring; dress your little person to match!

DenimDistressed jeans and the ever-popular denim jacket are once again at the top of the must-have list for every boy, no matter his age.

Graphic Tees – This spring, one of the most popular looks for the fashionable person are graphic tees. Trendy brands like Quicksilver offer comfortable crew-neck tees with branded graphics, while other brands offer popular designs and characters.

Stripes – Stripes are enormously popular this spring. Bold, wide stripes on polo shirts and more subtly-striped tees are among some of the most in-demand styles this spring, so make sure your guy has a few.

Plaid – This spring calls for bold plaid sets for little boys and comfortable plaid shirts for the older ones. Paired with graphic tees and jeans or trendy, brightly hued pants, plaid never go out of style.

The Colors of Spring

This spring, the hottest fashion trends for kids are all about bright colors, bold prints and standing out from the crowd. For the kid who loves to be stylish, this spring is the perfect season to shine!

What fashion trends are you looking forward to for your little ones this year?

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