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| Monday

Spring Fashions for Women

The runways have been alive recently with the spring collections from various designers. Once again, there is a lot to be said for inspiration originating in the styles of the ‘60s; bold ensembles in black and white, as well as soft pastels and bright colors are a big part of the fashion landscape this spring.  For fashion-forward women this spring, there is a lot of variety and many styles to choose from.

Chasing Color

White is not the only light color to wear this spring; neutral colors were busy making a splash on the runways, too.  Pastels are also popular, as they seem to be every spring.  Bold, bright colors are holding their own this spring, too.  Bright red is proving to be extremely popular, as it has been in several recent seasons.  

Spring Sweaters

Spring sweaters are very in this season, no matter the color; cowl-necked sweaters and cozy cardigans in solid colors or bold stripes help solve the problem of cool spring temperatures while giving you a fashionable edge for your wardrobe. 

Color-Block Blouses

A bold black and white color-blocked blouse pairs well with skinny jeans for a casual look.  Other great matches for eye-catching color-blocked blouses include pencil skirts and ruched-leg pants.

Crop Tops and Polka Dots

Polka dots are fun and offer a flirty flare to a cute jacquard crop top and skirt.  Fashionable and fun, light polka dots on a dark background is one of the hottest spring looks for young women this year.

Lace in the Strangest Places

Lace is big this spring, and it is cropping up everywhere.  From lace pencil skirts to lacey tops, and as an accent around the hems of tank tops, skirts, pants and more, lace is definitely a big trend this spring.  You might even find it in places you never expected! 

Return of the A-Lines

The trend causing the most talk among women this spring is the return of the classic, well-mannered A-line dress.  The classic A-line skirts and dresses are high up on the must-have list for this spring.  Whether your style is bright and bold or soft and modest, an A-line should be your first step in building your spring wardrobe.

Spring into Fun

This season is about more than just hot looks and cool clothes; this spring is about fun!  Fantastically fun prints, vivid stripes and standout geometric shapes combine to create fashions that are flirtatious and bold.  There are new, whimsical takes on animal prints and lots and lots of lace that will make any fashion-conscious woman giddy with anticipation. 

You will also be seeing many outfits in single colors, called monochromatic fashions; they will lend an edgy, sexy feel to your wardrobe.  Not only are they great to wear, they are also easily accessorized; especially if you just want to toss in a splash of brightness in with your single-color fashions.  Sexy, sophisticated, stylish and fresh, this spring’s fashions have a bright, bold edge that will make any woman glad to be a woman this season!  




Ladies what trends are you looking forward to the most?


  1. I love the crochet necklace. It is very pretty! ^_^

  2. I'm enjoying wearing lighter colors and dresses this Spring.

  3. I am enjoying maxi skirts and I have a new tank with lace on the bottom edge that I love!

    1. I love maxi skirts! I need to get myself some more. That tank sounds really cute!