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Frugal Family Tricks and Tips  via
 Today I have guest Chloe Miller a fashion-and-beauty enthusiast from Adelaide, Australia. She is sharing some easy frugal family tricks and tips to help save money in your household.

Raising a family in this modern time is far from easy, and as I've always considered myself to be a smart consumer, and very far from any type of materialistic person, I’m a soon to be mother now too. At this moment I’m wondering how will I teach my kids to accept this, let’s say lifestyle, and learn to value money. Not just money, but to learn about the responsibilities of us, privileged people. I don’t want to nag them with stories about world hunger and the recession, there will be time for that kind of talk, but in the same time I do want to patiently explain to them how we get things, how we earn our money, what is necessary for a happy life and what is a luxury that only lasts temporarily. 

Of course, people around me have presumptions about my lifestyle. The truth is we are earning a pretty decent salary, and our month budget is always leaving us with savings that we can put on the side, but we are a Frugal Family because we choose to be. It is a statement, as well as an economical life choice. And the advantages are numerous, we are always ahead with our mortgage payments, we have a beautiful garden and are growing our own food, and our kids will not have the newest Smartphone but we will invest in their education and make sure that they use their precious time right. Before you start judging me, try walking in my shoes. They cost me $5! It is not that hard, and I’m sure you will thank me later. 

  1. Smart shopping
Organize your shopping list and groceries you need on a weekly level by a daily menu. This is an easy thing to do and is a time saver when you know what you are having each day of the week.

  1. Growing food
We love healthy foods, and even with my child I will insist on eating vegetables. Although it took some money to grow our own garden, it pays off in the long term. I make my own compost as well and gardening relaxes me.

  1. Free education
People are not aware of the amount of reliable information that is accessible online! When I have some free time, I always tend to learn new things, and always the ones that I can actually use.

  1. Saving electricity
Turn off your water heater after you’re done with your shower. Decrease the temperature on your thermostat even by a little bit, and dress warmer. Again, this is as economical as an environmental friendly choice also.

  1. Reusing bags
When you get home from the store, have your shopping bags folded and keep them for reuse. This is a responsible way not just for, but for our environment too.  You can find some tips on interesting ways of storing shopping bags.

  1.  Outdoor fun
I hope I’m not boring you with my healthy lifestyle choices, but it is always great for your child to experience the nature and breathe in fresh air. We love picnics, I hope my kids will prefer it in the future as well because it is much better than sitting behind the monitor, playing games 24/7 as today’s kids do. And it is free too. 

  1. Kids clothing
Almost all of my stuff is from the thrift shop, and when it comes to kids clothing it is reasonable to save money and find cheap toddler clothes, after all they are going to grow out of it in less than a month or two. Andc you can always resell them or donate them to charity.

  1. Washing done correctly
You would be surprised how long clothes can last if you wash it by the instructions on the label. Colors are not washed up, the fabric stays strong and even if it is a very old T-shirt you can wear it around the house. 

  1. Babysitters for babysitters
Simple as it sounds, we don’t plan on having a babysitter, we have friends with kids and we have an arrangement to watch their kids, and they will watch ours when we are in a need also. It’s a play-date and a free service at the same time!

  1. Travel light
Last, but not least, always carpool. If you can walk to a certain destination, please do. You don’t have to save your shoes if you paid 5$ for them! Of course, it is Eco-friendly as well 

Do you have any frugal tips you would like to share?


  1. Such great tips! Especially smart shopping, growing food and free education!

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