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Best Backyard Barbecue Grills

Best Backyard Barbecue Grills  via   www.productreviewmom.com
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When summer comes, it’s time to start grilling.  Not only is having a backyard barbecue an essential part of summer, grilling is one of the healthiest cooking methods there is.  Chicken, fish, steak, veggies and seafood take on a whole new dimension of flavor when cooked on the grill, and there’s nothing more fun than a family night with great grilled food and quality time.  Here are some of the best barbecue grills for your backyard cookouts.

Weber One Touch
Weber is an outstanding company with a long history of producing great grills.  The One Touch Kettle series is one of the best grill lines on the market.  It’s consistently been voted among the top five grills for many years.  There are One Touch grills in several sizes, starting at 18.5” and going up to 26.75”.  Each One Touch offers steel-plated grills, an ash catcher, wheels and a system for self-cleaning.  The One Touch Premium (the high-end model) boasts a built-in thermometer, removable ash catcher and reinforced handle, along with other premium touches.  

Big Green Egg
It’s big, it’s green, and it’s egg-shaped.  It’s also one of the best barbecue grills you can buy (and probably the last).  The Big Green Egg has enjoyed increasing popularity in the last several years, and it’s built something of a cult following among barbecue enthusiasts.  It controls temperature very well, is made to last and is incredibly versatile and durable.  They’re only available through authorized dealers; if you want one of these excellent grills, you’ll have to find one near you, or one that can ship to your home.  

Weber Genesis
If you prefer a gas grill, Weber has you covered with its premium Genesis line of gas grills.  Genesis grills come in both propane and natural gas models and have built-in thermometers, three huge burners and lots of cooking area.  Some models even offer a “sear station” to brown your grilled meats and lock in their juices.  Like the Big Green Egg, the Weber Genesis is probably the last barbecue grill you will ever have to buy.  

Making the Choice
Cost will probably be a big factor in your grill choice, and it’s no secret that those listed here are on the higher end of the grill price range.  However, the perfect barbecue grill will last for many years and give your family countless wonderful meals and evenings of quality family time.

Happy grilling!


  1. I always wanted to try the Green Egg. But what ever grill you use make sure you get a grill cover /protector. There is nothing worst than finding a wasp nest in your grill or that there is a rusted hole in your grill.

    1. I've heard of horror stories of grills that were not covered getting wasps nest and turning rusty. Great tip Brandy!