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Travel plans can be costly if you are not sure of the best ways to save money on hotels, rental cars and flights. It is possible to travel on a budget, but figuring out how to make your travel dollar stretch can be frustrating, especially if you do not have a lot of experience booking travel and finding the best prices. Veteran budget travelers have some of the best tips for cutting travel costs; some of the most useful ones are listed below.

Calling Before Booking

The internet has made the process of arranging travel much easier and more convenient. However, many travelers fall into the trap of thinking that the online price is the lowest one available. This is not always true, so it is worth the extra few minutes to place a call to wherever you are making a reservation for and asking them if they can offer a lower price.

For hotels, making the call at about four in the afternoon on a Sunday, and speaking with the hotel manager, can net you a deep discount that would not be available through a website or the hotel’s 800-reservation number. Mentioning that you are celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary might also result in a bit of a price break. This strategy is not always effective, but regardless of the reservations you are booking, whether for flight, hotel or car rental, take a minute or two to make that call; you might save a bundle.

Go Against the Grain

Staying in a hotel is often the largest part of your travel costs, so saving money on your room can mean the difference between traveling on a budget and not traveling at all. One good way to take advantage of lower hotel rates is to try to book in business-traveler hotels on the weekends and more tourist-centric hotels during the week. Hotels that cater to business travelers often have lower prices for weekend stays, while hotels that cater to tourists will usually offer room’s mid-week at lower prices. Hotels in off-season destinations may also offer rooms at very large savings, as the rooms would otherwise remain unsold.

Packing Snacks

Any seasoned traveler knows that snacking can be a huge drain on your travel budget. Instead of looking to the hotel mini-bar or buying snacks from room service, go to a local grocery store and stock up on snacks for your stay. The cost will be much less and you will have great snacks on hand whenever you decide you are hungry. If you have special requirements for your snacks, pack some to take with you. Even paying the extra bag fee on an airline to have a whole suitcase full of snacks would be cheaper than trying to buy your snack foods at your hotel.

Saving Money May Take Time

It is not always feasible to implement each cost-saving measure for every trip. However, by seeking out the lowest price and doing a bit of planning, you can trim your costs and stay within your travel budget.

What are your budget tips when you are traveling?


  1. Great tips - I remember the first time we went to Orlando and the boys with a suitcase full of snacks, and that was before excess baggage charges!

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