Six Creative Ways To Help Your Kids Stay Motivated To Keep Their Rooms Clean

Six Creative Ways To Help Your Kids Stay Motivated To Keep Their Rooms Clean  via

Today's guest is Anita Ginsburg sharing ways to get your kids motivated to clean their rooms.

One of the most challenging parts of being a parent is motivating your children to do chores they naturally dislike, such as keeping their rooms clean. However, with the right methods you can encourage even the most reluctant child to keep their room neat, clean and organized.

    1. Have a Regularly Scheduled Room Cleaning Time

If your child waits until their room is a complete pigsty they will be more likely to feel overwhelmed and complain. So create a chart or some other organizational reminder to clean their room on a weekly or biweekly basis. This way, it is something they can always expect and take time to do. 

    1. Teach Cleaning and Organizational Skills

Demonstrate the best ways to clean and organize. For example, show children the proper way to hang clothes so that they won't easily fall off the hangers. Teach them de-cluttering skills to help them understand better. To make it more fun for kids, organize items by color, size, shape, etc. to keep them interested.

    1. Provide Adequate Organizational Space

There are a wide assortment of closet organizers available today. Consider getting one for your child's closet. Then, help them to find a place for everything and put everything in it's place. You can even label the shelves on these organizers so your child will remember where to put everything. Also, make sure to provide enough hangers to hang all clothes in the closet, say the professionals at National Hanger Company. This is much easier for children than folding clothes. 

    1. Give Incentives for a Job Well Done

Incentives can be a great tool. Since you know your children best, choose something that you know will motivate them, such as more TV time, a monetary allowance or a special treat. 

    1. Have Consequences for Failure to Clean their Room

Though we should always strive for positive reinforcement, there is a time for enforcing completion of chores through a loss of privileges. Make sure your expectations and consequences are clearly defined in advance. Then, make sure to follow through on those consequences if necessary.

    1. Make a Game out of Room Cleaning Time

You can get creative and have fun with this option. For example, if your children share a room, secretly choose a couple pieces of clutter on their floor to be your "secret pieces." Give each child a container and have them take ten minutes to collect as much of that clutter as possible. Then, go through each child's clutter pile to see if they found your "secret pieces." Reward the "secret piece" finders.

No two children are alike, so as a parent it helps to have different motivational tools available at your disposal. Hopefully one or more of these ideas will help you to encourage your child to clean their room and keep it organized.

How do you get your kids motivated to cleaning their room?

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  1. S's bedroom stays clean but her playroom is a disaster! Usually I go in and help her clean it up but its current overdue!

    1. My girls share a room and since they have so much stuff their room is always a disaster! I'm always on them about keeping their room clean every day.

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