Comfortable Pieces to Replace Those Leggings

 Today I have special guest Chloe sharing comfortable, yet stylish ways to style your baby bump without leggings.  These styles work great without being pregnant as well.

The time has come to style your baby bump! No more of those leggings. They are very comfortable, it is true. However, is there any other piece of clothing which is comfortable as well and which is at the same time stylish and trendy? This got me thinking. Of course there is! There are plenty of clothes items in which we can look stunningly beautiful and chic. If you are interested, please continue reading. You will love what is coming.

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The first on the list of the items which can replace leggings is a dress. You have two options: buy a larger size dress than you usually wear if, for example, you are in the second trimester. Another option is wearing the dresses you already have in your wardrobe. These dresses are loose dresses such as empire waist dresses and shift dresses. You don't believe me? Well, I will only say that pregnant Mila Kunis wore a formal and elegant black shift dress on the red carpet. I also recommend wearing a maxi dress during pregnancy. Accessorize your outfit with a chic hat and a statement necklace. Make sure you read  Louida's Easter dresses for 2015, you'll definitely find your favorite.

Mila Jovovich looked so adorable in a black maxi dress and black roman sandals. Kristin Cavallari opted for a printed maxi dress and a cropped denim jacket. Pay attention to her opinion: "Florals are also really big which I like even more because I'm pregnant. They're just so feminine and pretty, especially on a pregnant woman, so I'm really excited for that.''

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Maxi skirts

The second item on my list, a maxi skirt, is something you should definitely have in your wardrobe during pregnancy. Maxi skirts can be combined with virtually any piece of clothes. A denim shirt, a printed tunic, a monochrome top, everything of these items look stylish combined with a maxi skirt. Jennifer Love Hewitt opted for red maxi dress, a white top and a hat. She looked so adorable. Hillary Duff is also a fun of maxi skirts as she wore a printed plum maxi dress and a black top. Halle Berry looked gorgeous in a grey maxi skirt, a black top and a grey cardigan.

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A tunic is another stylish and comfortable piece of clothing perfect for mums-to be. A tunic in any colour or print can be combined with black skinny jeans. You can see a great number of celebs wearing this outfit during their pregnancies. One of the most famous celebs, Kourtney Kardashian wore a cream tunic with an embellished neckline, a pair of black skinny jeans and black ankle boots. She accessorized her look with a black bag and a black hairband. On the other hand, Kate Moss opted for a green printed tunic, a black unbuttoned blazer and a pair of a black knee high heeled boots.

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Maternity denim jeans

I know that it is strange when your outfit gets that "maternity" prefix, but believe me, you will be grateful for maternity denim jeans. I believe that all pregnant women opt for these! First of all, they are super comfortable because they have an elasticated waistband. Secondly, maternity jeans are so stylish and trendy nowadays, that you can choose skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, skinny ankle jeans or crop jeans. Whatever you like! Sienna Miller looked beautiful wearing denim jeans, a horizontal striped long sleeve top and an adorable black short cape.

I hope that I showed you can get rid of those leggings and replace them with more trendy and stylish pieces of clothing. Looking chic and fashionable is not difficult even though you are pregnant. Style up the baby bump and be proud of it.

Bio: Chloe Miller is a fashion-and-beauty enthusiast from Adelaide, Australia. Studied media studies at Adelaide Uni, but finally embraced fashion blogging as her call. In love with Sicily and koalas.

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