Spring Break Vacation Ideas

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Spring breaks are a short time out from school during the semester, but are a break that every child looks forward to having. If you are interested in having a vacation for the family during spring break, it is imperative that you start planning as soon as you have the schedule for school. Spring break must be impeccably planned due to timing, so that you will have the chance to hit the road and get back before the week is over. 

Trips to the grandparents


If your children’s grandparents live far away and do not get to visit often, then spring break is the perfect time to make this happen. Planning a trip out to see the grandparents for a few days is something that the kids will enjoy and something that may not be expensive. The children can hop into the already packed car in the after school line, and you can drive to the grandparent’s house if it is only a few states away. If you are able to stay with the grandparents, this will also cut down on the cost of the trip. 

Go to Disneyland or Disney World


Want to make this spring break the most exciting spring break of your child’s life? Consider taking a trip to the most magical places on earth. Buy tickets to get to Disneyland or Disney World and surprise your children for the first day of spring break. If you live far away from either Florida or California, remember to secretly pack for the plane as well while the kids are gone. Do not forget to pack a camera for everyone to use. A surprise trip to Disneyland and Disney World will make the memories of this spring break unforgettable.

Explore the town in a staycation


Staycations can be just as fun as other vacations. If you are interested in remaining close to home for the spring break vacation, consider exploring your town. If you live in a city that has more attractions than you have already visited, make spring break the time that you see all of these sights. Grab a guidebook for tourists in your city and head to all of the tourism hot spots. You may discover more history about your city and state than you previously knew. Staycations can be fun while saving many funds. You can also head to the pool to have some excellent spring fun if the weather has broken and is warm enough for a pool day. 

Planning a spring break vacation often means that you have exactly 10 days to go off and come back. Since you have such a short window of opportunity to go out of town and enjoying the time away, it can be difficult. Getting together with the grandparents or taking a short adventure filled vacation is the best way to enjoy a mid-semester break without going overboard on time commitment. Have a fun spring break with just a short amount of planning that is packed with a lot of fun.


Do you have any spring break plans?


  1. I love exploring local attractions! There is usually so much to do local especially in the spring in South Louisiana.

    1. I'm still undecided what we're going to do for our Spring Break so I've been searching all over the Internet for ideas.

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