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Spring Break Stay-Cation Ideas

Spring Break Stay-Cation Ideas  via www.productreviewmom.com
If you are looking, forward to Spring Break but do not have a lot of cash to take a big trip, have a stay-cation instead!  Just because you cannot go to some new and exotic place does not mean you cannot still have a blast, whether it is just you and your spouse, or the whole family will be tagging along.  Sometimes, the best memories are made right in your own back yard.

Sundae Sunday

It can happen on any day, but Sundae Sunday has a certain ring to it, right?  If you are looking for some outdoor fun, you should set aside a day to have a great cookout and sundaes for dessert.  Perfectly grilled steaks and veggies, fresh salad and roasted corn on the cob make for a great meal, and you cannot go wrong following up a meal like that with tasty sundaes.  You’ll need a really great ice cream scoop, outstanding toppings and some fun sprinkles to do it right, but it’s definitely worth it to make this stay-cation idea a reality.   

Entertainment in the Park

Whether you know it or not, many cities have free concerts in major parks during the more temperate seasons.  There are also many cities that offer free open-air movie screenings, plays and many other forms of entertainment, all free and all family-friendly.  Check into what is offered in your hometown and make a day of it with the kids.  Pack a picnic basket and some great blankets to snuggle up together after the sun goes down and spend some real quality time together for this fun stay-cation day.  

A Day at the Beach

Just because you are not traveling to Cabo, that does not mean you cannot catch any rays at all.  If you live near the ocean, take the kids for a day at the beach.  Do not forget to bring along all the necessary tools to build a sand castle and a great umbrella to provide some shade.  Pack your picnic basket and head out; it will be a stay-cation to remember!

Visit the Farmer’s Market

There is nothing tastier than a dinner that includes fresh veggies from your local farmer’s market.  Take the kids along to explore all the different offerings and let them carry your reusable shopping bag while they are picking out the produce for that evening’s dinner.  Farmer’s markets offer a wide variety of locally sourced, naturally grown produce that may not be available in your grocery store, so it is definitely worth it to make a field trip to yours.

Family Movie Marathon

Make a point to spend the whole day (and maybe all night) in your PJs, watching your favorite family films.  Introduce your kids to the classics from your childhood and include some of their favorites, as well.  Toss in fun bowls of popcorn and some beanbag chairs, and you have a stay-cation idea that everyone will love.  You do not have to get away for vacation; you can have a wonderful time with your family in your own home, without a lot of extra expense!

Will you be having a stay-cation during Spring Break?


  1. We usually go for ice cream at a neat little place where I live. They have rocking chairs and the kids love it. We did it twice a month last summer and I think I will take it up again. I love staycations especially when there is so much to explore right where you live.

    1. We do the same. We go find ice cream parlors and sit outside and enjoy ice cream together.

  2. These are all great ideas, as we have plans for a summer vacation, Malik will probably be hanging with his buddies and sleeping during his Spring Break.

  3. Our Spring Break is right after Easter but we're unsure what we'll be doing. It may be a stay-cation for us.

  4. These are all great suggestions and ways to make Spring Break fun and enjoyable. We have done many of these activities and we've had a blast.

  5. Great ideas Lou! We don't have plans for spring break but we have been doing something fun each weekend and I see that continuing with the weather being awesome!

    1. That's what we've been doing over the weekends as well.

  6. Great ideas here for families during Spring Break...What about a kid free Spring Break for Single moms?
    Any idea?

    1. I'll need to think up ideas. Since I have kids I'm always focusing on trips with them.


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