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Keeping Your Kids Healthy: Six Tips To Keep Illness Away In Your Home

Keeping Your Kids Healthy: Six Tips To Keep Illness Away In Your Home  via www.productreviewmom.com
 Today I have special guest Anita Ginsburg, a freelance writer sharing tips to keep your kids healthy.

Keeping the kids healthy is an important task that sometimes seems overwhelming. When it comes to contagious sickness, kids are frequent carriers and transmitters for many illnesses. There are several steps parents can take to avoid the transmission of sickness as well as other diseases in children.

    1. Washing Hands

Most people are aware of the importance of washing hands, but this is even more necessary for children. In a 2013 KidsHealth survey of school nurses, 28 percent listed hand washing as the most important way parents can keep their kids healthy during the school year. This logic also applies during summer break as regular hand washing decreases the germs that children carry around from place to place or to other people. It is also important to remind kids to keep their hands away from the mouth and eyes as these are places where germs can easily infiltrate the body.

    1. Getting Rid Of Germs

Preventing surface germs and other contact from occurring should always be a top priority. Toys should be sanitized on a regular basis, and special care should be given to those toys that are shared with other kids from outside the home. These items may carry additional germs from other kids and even those with whom they come in contact. Immediately cleaning up any bodily fluids from sickness or injury is important as is cleaning spills from preparing food. Wipe down surfaces before and after preparing food.

    1. Regular Physical Exams

Visiting the physician regularly is an important aspect of maintaining health. It is necessary to detect or predict health conditions that can be problematic later in life, but it is also useful for finding contagious pathogens that children may carry or to which they may become susceptible. Stopping such agents before they show symptoms or before they pass from one child to another is necessary to keep illnesses at bay.

    1. Proper Dental Care

Regular dental check-ups are an essential part of total health for everyone, but they are especially important for kids. It is much better to start proper oral hygiene habits in youth to ensure such patterns remain in adulthood. Poor oral hygiene during childhood may lead to excessive damage caused by the decay of cavities. This affects the child's ability to eat properly, in addition to the potential for pain and expensive treatments down the line. If decayed teeth are neglected for long periods, it may lead to constant infections in the mouth and resulting cardiovascular damage, according to www.boisedentist.net.

    1. Sharing With Discretion

Children are usually taught to be considerate and share their belongings when necessary, but this should be avoided when it comes to contact with items that go in the mouth. Things such as water bottles, cups, food or even pacifiers should be kept to each individual. Kids should be discouraged from sharing such items with others outside the home as well as doing so may expose them to germs that make them and family members ill.

    1. Sleeping

Sleep is needed to restore the body and repair damage that may have been done over the day. It is also an important part of development during youth. Missing out on adequate sleep can make children more vulnerable to contagious illnesses as well as disease. School-age children do best with 10 to 11 hours of sleep per day, so this may require additional naps or limiting television or computer time.

No parent can totally prevent their children from getting sick, but there are certainly ways to reduce the chances of family members falling ill. Paying close attention to the way kids interact with their environment and others can help pinpoint lifestyle errors that facilitate illness.

Informational credit to www.boisedentist.net.

What are ways you keep your kids healthy?

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