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Easter Suits for Boys

Easter has always been a time for adorable suits in light colors and bow ties that closely mimic the fashions for older lads.  Light fabrics and easy-wear pieces give boys outstanding Easter options, whether they are 2, 12 or 20.  Many lines offers mix and match pieces that allow you to create the perfect ensemble for your little person, no matter his age.

The Full Suit

A young man is never quite so dashing as when he wears a suit and Easter is a perfect time to insist he does!  Even if you can only get him to agree to wear nice pants and a vest, along with a matching shirt and tie, he’s guaranteed to be as handsome a young man as you have ever seen.  For the fashionable young man, though, a full suit in light, breathable fabric is the only way to go.  For little people, vintage-style suits are very in-demand this Easter.  They are sweet and comfortable, and your little one is guaranteed to look dashing.

The Dapper Dresser

For some guys, a full suit is simply out of the question for a number of reasons.  If this is a problem for your young man, try a less-formal option such as dress pants, vest, shirt and tie.  Nice light-colored dress pants work well for this ensemble, especially when paired with a trendy pastel button-down shirt.  Toss in a complementary tie and vest; your young man might actually look like a young man, instead of a messy boy!  The hottest trend for young men this Easter includes breathable fabrics and easy-care pieces that do not require dry-cleaning or other special care.  Ties in an array of patterns and colors bring it all together and provide the final addition for a trendy and tasteful Easter ensemble for your teen boy.

Top Trends

From young boys to young men, this year is not just about pastel suits and gorgeous ties.  Colors for boys range from deep blue to bright green and beyond, with bold patterns getting a preferential spot at the top of the trend list.  If your guy doesn’t want to do dress up too much, there are many great options available that will help him look great and feel comfortable, too.

There is a lot to be said for subtlety this year.  Darker colors and subtle patterns are also very popular this spring.  These looks are sophisticated enough to look great at any function, but understated enough that your young man won’t feel out of place or overdressed.  Paired with a great pair of pants and the right shoes, you will get to see him looking very grown up without making him uncomfortable.

Looking Great

The whole family can look great on Easter, even if you have a boy who is allergic to dressing nicely.  You do not have to get him into a suit to ensure that he looks great, no matter the occasion.  However he dresses, there are many great Easter trends to choose from for your guy this year.

What will your son be wearing this Easter?

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