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| Saturday

Easter Dresses for Girls

Bright colors, bold floral designs and pastels are all hot trends this year for Easter dresses for your little girl. This year’s Easter dresses for girls are bold, fun, fashionable and fresh. They give your girl a chance to really shine, no matter what sort of functions you may be attending that day.

Bright and Bold

The buzzword this year is color! Bright blues, vivid greens and the hottest pinks are all at the top of the trend list for Easter dresses this year. Whether you choose a cute sundress or a more formal design, the color really counts. Fresh bright colors are so appropriate for spring and Easter, that it is tough to find a year when bright splashes of color were not a hot topic. Classic cuts combined with beautifully eye-catching colors are the top choice for stylish young women this Easter.

Timelessly Classy

If ever there is a time to stand out for looking timelessly classy and elegant, it’s Easter Sunday. For young women, Easter can be a great opportunity for dressing up and looking like the beautiful women they are growing to be. Soft pastel dresses and dresses in striking colors are great choices for your young woman this spring. Paired with cute shoes and stylish clutch, she might not bear any resemblance at all to the over-sleeping, grumpy teen (or pre-teen) that usually inhabits your house.

Riot of Color

Spring brings a lot of color to the world, and a great trend among Easter dresses this year is riotous color. Polka dots and flowers, butterflies and other designs, it seems this year, the more colors, the better! With a trend this pretty, it is hard to choose just one dress. Your little woman will lend even more color to an already colorful day with any of the cute vibrant dresses in this popular trend.

Softest Pastels

An Easter favorite, pastel colors are once again in fashion this year. Soft yellows and pinks, and hints of green and blue are showing up everywhere this spring, with fantastically gorgeous pastel sundresses and soft, filmy looks. Pastels are an Easter perennial for good reason; you cannot go wrong with and adorable pastel sundress and a sweet pashmina in a complimentary color.

Accessorizing for Easter

Nothing makes a young woman feel more grown up than wearing nice accessories with her Easter dress. Whether it is a few bangle bracelets and some earrings, or a pretty necklace and bracelet set, accessories are an important part of a girl’s Easter dress, regardless of her age. The trends this year are following simple and elegant rules, with understated accessories. Small clutch purses are hot for teen girls, and elaborate hair accessories are popular for younger girls. As always, white or black patent leather shoes or pastel flats seem to be popular, but sandals in a variety of fashions are also making quite a splash. With a cute dress and the right accessories, your girl can be a true fashionista this Easter.

Have you picked out an Easter dress for your daughter yet?


  1. I bought a pretty navy blue and peach dress from Marshalls the other day that I may let her wear for Easter she loves her dresses so she would be good with all the above smh

    1. I just bought some dresses for my girls at The Children's Place. They were having great sales over the weekend.