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Easter Craft Ideas

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Easter is a great time to spend time with your family, especially if you have the opportunity to do some fun things together.  Easter crafts can be intricate or simple, and there are many options available for every skill level.  Whether you are making them for an Easter party or your kids want to make something to share with their classmates, there is a wide variety of low-cost crafts that can be completed easily with a little adult supervision.

Religious Crafts
If the religious aspects of the holiday are your main cause for celebrating, you might enjoy creating some religious crafts to pass out to your church family or to offer as prizes at the local Easter egg hunt.  Religious ornaments are always a popular craft idea, and can be hung in church or class windows to add some extra color.  Religious stickers can also be used to create fun bookmarks or signs for friends and family, too. 

Decorated “Eggs”
Another fun craft for your kids to complete on their own are colorful sticker eggs that can be personalized for each recipient.  Not only are they simple, they are very low cost and allow your children to be endlessly creative.  Foam eggs are a lot of fun for kids, too, but may require more adult supervising than the sticker eggs.  However, the foam eggs are actually magnets for the refrigerator; it is a craft that provides a cute decoration and a useful magnet.  More decorated eggs can be made with felt ornament egg-making kits.  These ornaments are perfect for display on “Easter Trees” or hanging in windows.  

Easter Snacks
Not all craft ideas have to do with felt and foam.  You can enlist your kids in helping you make Easter snacks, too.  Some easy ideas include making Easter-themed sugar cookies from pre-packaged sugar cookie dough.  Just grab a set of Easter cookie cutters, a rolling pin and some decorations and get to work!  This is a great idea if you are having an Easter get-together or need snacks for the big Easter egg hunt.  

Bird’s Nest cupcakes are fun to make, as well.  You will need a packaged cake mix (or make your own), some white icing, mini jelly beans and coconut (colored with green food coloring OR toasted).  Make a little bird nest on top of the iced cupcake with the coconut, and add a couple of tiny jelly beans for the eggs; they’re really cute and lots of fun for the kids to make.

Old-Fashioned Crafts
For a taste of old traditions, teach your children how to make decorated eggs out of real, empty eggshells.  Have your children decorate some raw eggs with paint, glitter and fabric; then, carefully blow out some eggs (it is tough and takes some time to learn) and let them dry.  Once everything is done, thread a piece of embroidery thread through the empty shell and hang them on your Easter Tree.  Do not forget that you can save the eggs and use them for Easter morning French toast!

What are some Easter crafts that your family does?


  1. My kids are now older 20 & 15 we have made so many crafts over the years ( when younger) I can't even remember where to start to share what we did lol

    1. I'm not looking forward to when my girls get older and out grow doing crafts. :-(