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Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine Gift Ideas for Him via www.productreviewmom.com
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Choosing the perfect gift for your guy on a “mushy” holiday like Valentine’s Day can be a challenge.  While he has it easy (flowers and chocolates, anyone?), you are stuck with trying to find something both loving and appropriate for your manly man.  It can seem like you will never find the right thing, and you may even have trouble coming up with some useful ideas.  Well, fear not – here are some great gift ideas for your guy this Valentine’s Day.

Useful Gifts for Your Practical Guy


If you know your guy isn’t going to like gifts with too much sentiment, it might be a good idea to stick to something useful instead.  While mushy gifts have their place, for the rough and tough, practical guy, it may be a downer to get something decidedly “mushy” for Valentine’s Day.  Instead, try:

  •          Deluxe Fogless Shower Mirror with LED Lighting – This handy mirror is great for the guy who likes to get his shaving done in the shower.  It does not rely on fog-free sprays and is installed using silicone adhesive.  It even has a shelf for you and other essentials, which also houses a small squeegee for removing water droplets from the mirror.  Bonus points for a small “Be Mine” written in dry-erase marker (you can make it a habit to leave little love notes for him) on his new mirror.

  •          Pulcher Black Lava Watch – For the guy who likes useful gadgets with just a bit of a modern edge, this water-resistant, stainless steel watch uses a unique LED display to keep track of the minutes in his day.  The digital readout is nearly invisible when viewed at an oblique angle; the watch looks like a stylish bracelet until it is viewed head-on, when the time is revealed. 

  •          Tool Logic Credit Card Companion – This handy tool is the size of a credit card, but has nine tools packed into it.  It comes with a serrated steel knife, lens, compass and small tools like tweezers; it carries a limited lifetime warranty.  If your guy loves tools and gadgets that are practical and useful, this is an outstanding gift.

Gifts for Your Budding Connoisseur


If your beau has an interest in certain hobbies, your shopping just got a lot easier.    There are so many gift options for guys who appreciate the finer things that all you need to do is narrow down your choices.  Here are some options for your guy and his interests:

  •          Bormioli Rocca Selecta Whiskey Set – If your guy is a whiskey connoisseur, try gifting him this gorgeous seven-piece whiskey set and a bottle of his favorite single malt.  It is a gift he will truly appreciate and love.

  •          25-50 Cigar Mahogany Humidor – If your guy has an interest in cigars, he’ll love this humidor that’s lined with Spanish cedar and incorporates Superseal technology.  

In the End…


Your guy will love whatever you get him, because he loves you, but getting him the perfect gift will make both of you happy.

What did you get the special man in your life last year?


  1. Great info. .just now finding your blog.

    Can you please email me at janetlmo@bellsouth.net. ..I have some questions.

    1. I'll be emailing you shortly Janet.

  2. These are good ideas! I seem to end up buying either 1. watch 2. cufflinks 3. cologne lol...TFS

  3. My husband is soo easy to buy for. I'm lucky that he is pretty much happy with whatever I buy him :) These are great gift ideas!

    1. You have a easy going husband...so lucky! Mine is pretty much the same too. He doesn't care what he get.