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| Sunday

Top Winter Makeup Colors

The top colors for makeup this winter range from dramatic to subtle. Collections that boast metallic shades, while also containing delicate pinks and neutral colors are all the rage this season. Here are the top trends and colors for winter.

Big Drama

The biggest trend this season is drama, especially when it comes to eyes.  From metallic shine, to Ombre inspiration, the deeper the color, the bigger the drama.  Your lashes need a dramatic sweep, too, so do not be afraid to enhance them with long, luscious lashes in deep jewel tones or velvety black.

Bold Eyeliner and Brows

If you are going for drama, double lining your eyes for a Cat’s Eye look is a great way to turn it up a notch.  Use deep velvety black or hot metallic liners to give your look a fun kick.    As a complement to your dramatic eyes, you cannot go wrong with high-impact liner.  Brows need to be bold, too, or they will be lost.  Full eyebrows are the hot look this winter, so do not pluck them too much.  If your brows are naturally light or sparse, darken them a bit with brow pencil or have them tinted for a darker, more dramatic look.

Natural Beauty

If you are not big on makeup, you will be glad to know that another popular trend this winter involves softer, more natural shades that enhance your features without all the drama of deeper shades.  The latest philosophy among a growing group of designers is that less truly is more.  They have turned to a healthy glow and shimmering sparkle to bring out one of the best trends in winter makeup.  Softly radiant pinks complement natural browns and use a backdrop of other neutral colors to convey a look of simple beauty.

Complementary Lips

If you are going for dramatic eyes, you want to keep your lips understated.  If your look will be more natural, you can play up your lips and convey a bit of drama.  The idea is to give your face a bit of balance.  If you have dramatic eyes and lips, you run the risk of looking overly made up.  If you do not have any dramatic colors anywhere, you may end up looking washed out.  With dramatic eyes, choose a nude or neutral hue, perhaps even a soft pastel shade; for more natural eyes, try bright or deep hues on your lips.  Especially popular this winter is cherry red.


What winter makeup trends are you following this season?


  1. I am usual natural but for night time going out looks I picked up a deep red and purple this year! I would love to do more dramatic looks with my eyes.

  2. I love doing a dark smoky eye for glam looks and a softer lip. These are great tips!