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Ways to Reach Your Health Goals

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Sometimes exercising and getting healthy can make you want to throw in the towel. Especially when you have stepped on the scale after a grueling week and have barely lost any weight, if any at all. Not getting to your weight goal in a timely manner can have you wanting to give up; however, there are ways to reach your health goals. Here are some tips and tricks on reaching the goals that you have for your weight and your overall health.

Measure instead of weigh


Weighing can be one of the most dreadful activities that you do in your entire health routine. If you have not lost enough weight, you may feel like giving up. If you have had a good week and lost a number of pounds, this only makes you want to replicate this each week, which may not happen. The scale can be a set up for a disappointment in many ways. Instead of weighing yourself, trash the scale and take measurements. Measurements will give you a firm idea on inches lost. Pay attention especially to inches lost around your mid-section and in your arms for progress. If you are losing inches and noticing a more toned body, this means that you are well on your way to health victory with no weight approval needed. 

Join a support group


Whether you create a group of friends or if you join a support group online or in person, reaching your health goals can sometimes be a team effort. Joining a team of individuals looking for a healthier lifestyle means that you have many more people campaigning for you to win. Sharing recipes and training tips along with encouraging one another when the road gets rough are some of the best points about support groups. A health group can also stop you from falling back on those who may have bad habits when you should be making a behavioral change for the better. 

Throw out all of the bad habits


If you are interested in getting serious about your health, the best thing to do is to quit poor habit's cold turkey. If you have a cabinet full of junk foods, get rid of all of them immediately. Exchange your bad foods for those that are more nourishing to your body and learn to depend on whole, nutritious foods only. 

Clean Out Your Closet


Still have clothing from your previous, large weight? Give those away as you move down sizes. Without larger clothing to fall back on, you must stay committed to your health and weight goal and continue to make progress. The more you remove the past from your life, the easier it is to move on to a healthy future. 

Becoming a person who is committed to health make seem like a challenge, however, willpower is the only necessary trait to develop a healthier lifestyle. Maintaining a daily commitment to your goals will make sure that you reach the point in your life where happiness and health completely coincide.


What are ways you used to reach your health goals?


  1. I so need to get real in this

  2. Great ideas! I need to get started and stop making excuses!

  3. Very good tips Lou! I never weigh myself for me it's all about the fit of my clothes and how I feel physically. I so agree with the cold turkey tip! There's no need to put off just do it :)

    1. I hate weighing myself so I go by the fit of my clothes as well.

  4. I plan on giving myself a reward when I get a flat tummy. I don't even care about the number on the scale I just want to lose the fat around my midsection.

    1. LOL! I feel ya girl! I want to lose the fat around my midsection too!

  5. Glad I read this after eating pizza for lunch!