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Valentine's Day Activity Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Day Activity Ideas for Kids via www.productreviewmom.com
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Valentine’s Day can be a great time to connect with your kids.  Let them help you make special treats for everyone, give them simple jobs that will help you accomplish tasks and include them in your preparations for Valentine’s Day.  Here are some great ideas for your little ones to be involved in the fun.

Valentine Crafts


Your kids love making crafts for friends and family; you can help them create unique, wonderful gifts for the important people in their lives.  For those who read, have your kids craft a Valentine Monkey bookmark from this great kit; cute monkeys will look cute on top the pages of any book, holding tiny hearts with their tails when the crafting is complete.  If that is not quite, what you had in mind, try:

  •          Making No-Bake Cake Pops for Valentine’s Day.  They do not require the use of the oven and are an outstanding choice for your kids to complete with only a little adult assistance.

  •          Create beautiful foam butterflies to decorate the house and Valentine’s Day gifts.  This kit contains enough pieces to make two dozen pretty red, white and pink butterflies.

  •          Work with felt to make a fun and adorable felt Valentine heart.  This craft set only makes a single heart, though, so you might want to get a couple if you have more than one child. 

Coloring and Activity Books


If you have some things you need to get done and cannot afford to sit all day doing craft projects with the kids, don’t fret.  Kids love activity books and they love to color, making this a no-brainer for inclusion in your Valentine’s Day activities for kids.  These are some of the best options:

  •          Funny Valentine Sticker Book – These books contain more than 350 Valentine stickers so your little one can have lots of harmless sticker fun.  Have them decorate cards for their grandparents or other family members and they will happily sit for at least a few minutes while you check on dinner.

  •          Valentine’s Day Love! – This Kindle book is packed with 25 stories, for beginning and early readers, and features a free coloring book.  At less than a buck, you cannot beat it for cheap and fun entertainment.

  •          Valentine’s Day Coloring Book – This fun book provides heart-shaped cutouts and coloring pages, giving kids a good resource for handmade Valentine’s and a bit of coloring fun.

Valentine’s Treats


If your kids are interested in helping you in the kitchen, you can always let them help you make some sweet Valentine’s treats.  For great Valentine’s baking, try:

  •          Silicone Heart-Shaped Cupcake Mold – Making little heart cupcakes have never been easier than when you have this handy little mold.  Let the kid’s help you make the batter (and lick the beaters, of course) and then use this cute mold to bake up some delicious Valentine’s cupcakes.

  •          Silicone Heart Mold Pan – This pan sports deep heart-shaped wells perfect for a whole array of desserts.  Your kids can help layer in ingredients and help you complete gorgeous, yummy desserts.

What Valentine’s Day activities do you have in store for your kids?

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