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How To Safely Exercise During Pregnancy When You Have Other Health Concerns

How To Safely Exercise During Pregnancy When You Have Other Health Concerns via www.productreviewmom.com
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Disclosure- I am not a doctor so please consult with one if you're pregnant and wanting to continue to exercise.

Exercising while pregnant is a good way to get in shape, reduce stress and feel better about yourself overall. Low impact exercises are a good option during pregnancy when you have other health concerns, but you should always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine. Below are six low impact exercises that have been shown to boost mood, increase strength and keep you happy and healthy during your pregnancy.

    1.   Walking

Walking is a good form of cardiovascular exercise during pregnancy. It can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and keep those pregnancy pounds in check. While you are expected to gain weight during pregnancy, it can be too much. Since you need no equipment for walking, you can fit it anywhere in your schedule.

    1.   Yoga

Yoga is a great option for deep breathing and stability. When you are pregnant, your center of gravity is shifted to accommodate the growing bundle of joy inside of you. Yoga during pregnancy can help you to maintain your balance and posture, which is important to reduce injury as well as minimize pregnancy aches and pains.

    1.   Swimming

Swimming is another cardiovascular exercise that is beneficial to your whole body and has been shown to improve mood. Depression can occur during pregnancy too, so take laps around your community pool to keep the blues at bay while you tone your muscles.

    1.   Strength Training

Exercising with light hand weights during pregnancy can build and strengthen muscle and can also help you to maintain your core strength which can keep lower back pain away. Remember to use proper form when using hand weights to reduce the risk of injury and always stop if something does not feel comfortable. According to Dr. Gilbert Webb, it's important to talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise routine while pregnant, including strength training.

    1.   Cycling

Riding a stationary bike during pregnancy is good for reducing stress while improving strength. Swollen and sore feet go hand in hand with pregnancy so cycling can be a good option for getting in your exercise while also getting off your feet.

    1.   Low impact aerobics

Low impact aerobic classes specifically geared towards pregnant women are good for getting your heart rate up and can even help you sleep better. Tailor the aerobics moves to your needs and limits to avoid injuries.

If you are pregnant and have other health concerns, low impact exercises are a great way to stay healthy while reducing your chance of injury. Low impact exercises have been linked to a better night's sleep, reduced back pain and decreased stress, all qualities a pregnant woman needs.

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about home, family, health and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing.


  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    This post needs a disclaimer that you aren't a doctor, even though you put your "non-qualifications" at the bottom of the post. Slipping a sentence about talking to your doctor in the middle of the first paragraph is really insufficient.
    Also, if you are going to post something with medical advice, especially with no disclaimer about not being a medical professional, you need to cite your sources or state that they are from your own experience. This is so dangerous.

    1. This post comes from a guest writer on my blog. The disclosure had slipped through and now is added at the top of the post. Thank you for letting me be aware of this.