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Hotels with the Healthiest Restaurants

Hotels with the Healthiest Restaurants via www.productreviewmom.com

It can be a real pain to keep up with your healthy routines when you are traveling.  It used to be that the food offered in hotel restaurants was dreadfully bad for you.  All those “all you can eat” buffets and high-carb “continental breakfast” offerings were about the best you could hope for.  Now, though, with so many people starting to watch their diet more closely, hotels have begun to evolve and provide better, healthier options.  You do not have to come home from vacation feeling overweight and tired; your hotel can be part of keeping your fitness regimen together when you are traveling through better diet options and some good fitness offerings, too.  You should be able to come home refreshed from your journeys; here are some hotels that can help.  

Offering the Lifestyle Cuisine program, Fairmont Hotels allows guests to keep an eye on carbs and fat.  The excellent meals have been developed to taste great and provide outstanding nutrition.  There are vegetarian and vegan options, and macrobiotic diet options, too.  Fairmont Hotels has its own herbal tea blends for guests wishing to wind down and relax.

The Hilton New York Midtown has special take-out and dine-in options from the Herb N’ Kitchen, the concept restaurant offering artisanal sandwiches, seasonal salads and other meals designed to fit into your diet, as well as on-the-go convenience.  You can even order healthy meals to be delivered to your room.  They have great-tasting and nutritious options ranging from a grab-and-go snack to a full hot entrée.



Since 2012, Hyatt has been offering options for health-conscious guests.  Focusing on caloric content, controlling portions, and allowing guests to mind their intake of fat, salt and additives means that Hyatt is an excellent choice for those with special or very restrictive diets.  Hyatt is also working in with Partnership for a Healthier America and makes it a point to offer more fruits and vegetables for kids, as well as giving them lower-fat dairy options.



Kimpton is a boutique chain that makes fitness its focus.  Along with their awesome Travel Healthy In-Room Dining Menu, which gives guests the nutrition information for its healthy offerings, they help you keep up with your exercise.  Each room comes complete with a yoga mat and free fitness options through on-demand TV.  If you would rather get out and ride, they will loan you a 3-speed bike from San Francisco-based PUBLIC.  Kimpton hotels are typically equipped with fitness centers and pools; if your hotel does not have those benefits, the concierge will help you find the nearest place to work out.

More than a Bed


All of the hotels listed here offer fitness options for their guests.  Some are your typical hotel fitness centers, but others have in-room exercise equipment and free workout programs available online or on-demand.  Hotels have come a long way from the old days, and the right hotel is definitely more than just a bed to sleep in.

When selecting a hotel for your family do you consider the food options that they have available?


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