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| Sunday

Fashion Trends

Style...the most beautiful things are often the boldest because with fashion, simple artfulness will always arise above the roar.  

Every one of my friends has been shoe shopping within the past three weeks.  As every fashionable woman well knows, an exquisite pair of shoes can instantly update any ensemble.  In 2007, Consumer Report National Research Center polled 1,057 women and found that women on average own 19 pairs of shoes.  Compare this to men's average of four pairs, and it becomes clear that guys don't understand women's fascination with shoes. 

We wear them, despite pain from high stilettos, and suffer through bunions and back aches for the right shoe. More than 40 percent of the women from the survey suffered shoe-related injuries.  

Boots and scarves are a cozy look coupled with a nice pair of denim jeans and a modish sweater.  NYDJ is the original slimming jean, designed with a superior fit that makes women look and feel amazing.  Timeless and spot-on chic, denim is the ultimate wardrobe essential.  Belts are a great way to add some extra style and glam to your outfit.  This season, belts come together with chic dresses, pencil skirts, slacks and jeans resulting to elegance and delicacy. 

Winter coats come in a variety of styles from flattering to form-fitting, waist-length to floor-length, various colors and diverse fabrics which compliment every woman of today.  Last, but not least, head pieces are very fashionable today…making every outfit fabulous!  

Kimora Lee Simmons says “there’s a subtlety to the sexiness; there’s jacquard suiting and thick jersey dresses with clean graphic lines that tastefully show off a woman’s curves with a little edge.  In addition, my belief is a classy pair of fishnet pantyhose, patterned tights or leggings enhances any outfit, whether you’re wearing them with a dress, skirt or slacks – feminine addition to a woman’s wardrobe. 

Cuddle-up in a robe, sip some hot chocolate, herbal tea or wine, listen to various calming music or whatever suites you and feast on the blessings bestowed upon you…You are BEAUTIFUL & your style is unique!


  1. This year is my year (and I have already started going to share about it at the blog & in youtube) in totally getting rid of everything and building my capsule wardrobe!

    1. I told myself I'm going to change up my wardrobe and start wearing clothes from different companies instead of just New York and Company and Old Navy.

  2. This year my wardrobe is doing to be profecial