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| Tuesday

Cutest Clothes for Working Out

Cutest Clothes for Working Out via www.productreviewmom.com

You work out to build up a sweat and get in shape, but it is no shame to want to look as cute as possible while you are doing it!  Working out does not have to mean that you are constantly wearing baggy sweats and oversized t-shirts.  Be proud of what you have accomplished and keep sight of what you hope to accomplish still.  Do not be afraid to show off a little and wear some of these cute workout clothes.

Yoga Pants


There are many different yoga pants on the market from many different companies these days.  The higher-quality offerings really do not differ a lot in substance; style, however, is another matter altogether.  Yoga pants are for far more than just yoga, too.  You can use them during your other workouts, including walking, jogging, Pilates, bike riding and other exercises, especially if you have good yoga pants that fit well, like these:

  •          Viosi offers very comfy fold-over cotton and Spandex yoga pants that are great for workouts or just lounging around.  They are available in a wide range of colors and provide fashion and versatility.

  •          Active Basic offers cute dance or yoga hot shorts in a variety of colors.  If it is too hot to wear regular yoga pants or you just feel like looking extra cute, these are perfect for you!

  •          Texere Active Zone offers comfortable and fashionable yoga pants that are eco-friendly and made from bamboo, which is naturally hypoallergenic and looks good enough to go straight to the mall from the gym.

Yoga Tops


If you are going with yoga pants, yoga tops are necessary to pair up with them.  Cute little yoga tops are available in a range of styles and patterns, and range from plain to highly embellished.  Here are some of the latest, cutest offerings:

  •          City Shirts offers a cute twist on the popular “Keep Calm” meme.  This one implores you to keep calm and do yoga, and that is always a good idea.  They are available in a wide array of colors.

  •          SoRock has a cute white yoga tank top with colorful yoga poses running down the back.  It is an awesomely cute option to pair with some great yoga pants.  The same company also has tanks for weightlifting, kettlebell workouts and other themes.

  •          Baleaf has a great set of yoga pants and tops in popular colors like pink, blue and black, and black and gray.  This option gives you the ability to have cute workout clothes without a lot of excessive worrying about matching one piece with another.

Other Options


No matter what kind of exercise you do, it is important to keep yourself properly dressed.  If it’s cold, you might need an adorable track jacket to ward off the chill, while if you’re spending a lot of time doing yoga or Pilates, you might want to invest in a couple of pairs of half-toe quarter socks.  Do not forget that you will need proper support, too, so an appropriate sports bra is a great idea.

What is your go to outfit when you are working out?


  1. A fitted yoga pant works best for me when I'm walking. I need something that's not loose and will gather or pull. I usually pair it with a looser fitting T-Shirt and my Vibrams.

    1. I'm a yoga pants with a loose fitting t-shirt too.

  2. I just started working out again and based on these pics I definitely need to step up and update my wardrobe!

  3. I chose that picture on purpose to grab people's attention, lol! I wouldn't dare wear that leotard to the gym, even if I was skinny.

  4. I am on the lookout for new workout clothes because sweats and t shirts are just not doing it for me!

    1. I use to do sweats but it wasn't doing it for me either.