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December 6, 2014

Low Price Christmas Gift Ideas #HolidayGiftGuide

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A number of families have limited incomes and make just enough to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Adding in holidays like Christmas, or birthdays stresses the budget. There are many things that families can do to save money and purchase low price Christmas gifts. Shopping on Black Friday is one option as these are often the best prices on big-ticket items all year long.

Clearance Clothes Section

There is nothing wrong with shopping the clearance clothes section for cheap Christmas gifts. The items are new; they have just been sitting in the store too long. Retailers have to make room for new inventory, so prices are slashed on items that have been taking up residency on the racks too long.

Dollar Store Bath and Body Items

Anyone that enjoys indulging in great smelling lotions or fancy bubble baths would appreciate a gift basket of pampering products. You do not have to go to the mall and spend a fortune to accomplish this. Dollar stores have a great selection of bath and body products that you can create a personalized, custom gift basket with. They even have the baskets, filler and cellophane to cover the baskets with.

Refinish Used Items

Used and old items can look brand new with a little TLC. If you come across a great antique piece of furniture that just needs a facelift, grab it and get to work. A few dollars can make a tired peace look brand new. This is a great money saver, especially if you have found the item free.

Shop on Craigslist for Cheap, Like-New Items

There are other families struggling to make ends meet just as much as you are. Many will post items for sale online. They need quick cash so most of these items are already being sold very cheap but you might be able to haggle a little more on the price.

Great Christmas gifts do not have to be brand new or even from a high-end retailer. The fact that you did what you could to offer someone special a gift is enough. Get creative and see how low your Christmas shopping bill ends up.

What are some low price Christmas gift ideas?


  1. Thats us! VERY limited budget. All the above ideas are great and we actually do that for some gifts!!

    1. I'm always shopping the clearance racks year-round.

  2. So true, when my sister was alive we always purchased gifts from Goodwill, most of them were new and very affordable. A great post, thanks for sharing.

    1. I wish my local Goodwill had better merchandise, every time I go the clothes doesn't look good at all. People keep telling me I need to go to areas where the rich homes are nearby and the Goodwill's and other thrift stores has better merchandise.