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| Wednesday

Holiday Makeup Tips

There are a thousand ways to look great for the holidays. Not only can you add shimmer and shine, you can also tone down the makeup and spice up your outfit with chunky and fun statement jewelry. Read on to find the best holiday makeup tips for this holiday season!

Don’t Overdo It


Be careful of having your clothes and your makeup match in intensity.  If you have got on an outfit that is flashy and beautiful, there is no need to make your makeup compete.  Instead, tone it down and show off your gorgeous outfit.  Great toned-down looks include properly executed smoky-eyes and understated lips and cheeks.  For bright, bold colors or prints, go with neutral-toned touches and keep your look classically beautiful.

Shimmer and Shine


If your outfit is not the star, your holiday makeup needs to be!  Add a shimmery sheen to your eyes and cheeks with creams or powders in shimmering shades.  If you are going with shimmer, do not be heavy-handed; you will need to keep your shimmer confined to just a few spots to have the best effect.  If you are going with shimmery eyes and cheeks, for example, refrain from having shimmery lips or additional shimmer on your d├ęcolletage or elsewhere.

Pick a Feature to Play Up


For fabulous holiday makeup, choose to play up a single feature such as your eyes or mouth.  If you are going to do your eyes in a fantastic smoky fashion, make sure your lips are understated.  Choose one feature to emphasize and let the others play back up with lighter, less intense looks.  
If you choose to play up your lips, keep your lipstick from wearing off or fading before the night is through.  Line your lips with a good lip-liner and fill them in with a corresponding lipstick.  Put a layer of powder over it and then apply a second layer of lipstick.  This will keep your lips beautiful late into the night.  Keep the rest of your face understated with just a bit of mascara and some powder.

Prepare the Canvas


It will not matter how great your holiday makeup is if your face is not ready for it.  The secret to outstanding holiday makeup is starting with a fresh, clean face and dry skin. Make sure you take the time to exfoliate your skin, especially during the winter, to prevent ashy, flaky or dry skin and then moisturize well in order to prepare your skin for makeup.  Make sure your eyebrows are properly waxed, tweezed or threaded, a few days before any parties, too.  Out-of-control brows can wreck your whole holiday look.

 Making a Statement


Statement jewelry is also a great way to accessorize a holiday outfit, too.  Less is more, though, so if you are wearing statement jewelry, choose only a piece or two and keep the remainder of your jewelry on the understated side.  Wearing flashy makeup with statement jewelry is a bad idea, too.  Choose one statement to make and keep it simple, elegant and beautiful.

Do you change up your makeup routine for the holidays?

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