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Holiday Dress-Up Styles

It is a time to reunite with friends and family, to be thankful for all the blessings in life and celebrate the spirit of the season.  If you are heading out to parties and get-togethers this holiday season, you might find yourself in need of a few good holiday dress-up styles and ideas to perfect your look before getting the party started.  Holiday parties are arguably one of the best things about being a grown-up, so do not miss the fun.  Read on for some great tips and tricks for making your holiday style something to be remembered.

Start with the Hair

If you have great hair, you are more than halfway to an outstanding holiday look.  Try a sleek up-do to keep your hair tamed and out of the way as you party all season.  A simple bun or even an elegantly styled ponytail will serve your purposes well.  Keep everything under control with a lightweight shine serum and your ‘do’ will look great, no matter how many friends you greet.

Get a Great Dress

The perfect holiday dress is more than just an expression.  It is more than that dress you have had your eye on all season but are not going to buy.  The perfect holiday dress has certain requirements, and you have to figure them out before you hit the store.

The best holiday dresses are dresses you do not have to feel bad about buying because you plan to wear them outside of the holiday party circuit, too.  It is a dress that meets your budget needs and makes you look gorgeous.  There are many great holiday dress-up styles to choose from, so pick something that really fits your personality.

Avoiding Sparkles and Shine

While you may automatically think of sparkly dresses for holiday parties, it is not necessary to go all holiday with your dress.  Try something different this year by selecting a velvet dress or one made of leather or lace.

Gorgeous, embellished velvet dresses are hot this season.  Velvet is showing its versatility this season and there are many great styles to choose from.  Long gowns with soft velvet full-circle skirts and patterned velvet are very popular options.

Lace dresses in classic holiday colors like gold and green are great choices for holiday dresses.  With so many different lace patterns, it is hard to go wrong with a soft gold lace sheath, strappy shoes and a classic up-do.

Leather is another frontrunner for this year’s best non-traditional holiday party dress.  Pleated leather skirts and leather sheath dresses are hot enough to scorch the tree, but you will be even hotter and more gorgeous than you ever thought possible in a supple leather holiday dress.

Dresses in bold, bright colors are another awesome choice for your holiday party wear.  Solid colors and fun designs combine to make this dress something to cherish long after the holiday parties are over.  Dresses like this can be worn repeatedly, with various accessories to mark different occasions.

What holiday outfit are you looking forward to wearing to parties this year?

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