Fun Holiday Party Ideas

Fun Holiday Party Ideas via

Having a holiday party is one of the best things about the holiday season.  Making sure you have a holiday party that really rocks is even better.  Here are some ideas for a fun holiday party, whether it is just you and your family, a group of close friends or a party at work.

Break Up Boring Colors 


Your holiday party is going to be great and everyone is going to know that it is a holiday party (mainly because you are having it during the holiday season, but there will probably be a tree and presents, too).  There is no need to stick to the traditional red and green color scheme for your holiday party.  Decorations come in all sorts of fun, non-traditional colors, so try something completely different.  Why not have a purple and pink holiday party?  If that’s too far off for you, try something a little less extreme, but still not so traditional.  You could go with deep jewel tones instead of the bright red and green colors, or try more subdued colors that match your tastes.

Personalization Counts


Your guests will be amazed by your efforts to personalize your holiday party.  Choose a theme that works well for your needs and go all out.  It does not have to be traditional and it does not have to be difficult.  Themes like “Christmas in the Old West” and “70s Holiday” work especially well for workplace parties and give everyone a break from the more traditional holiday d├ęcor.

Time Capsule Creating


This is a great activity for family and long-term friends, as well as small businesses.  Have everyone bring a memento to include or provide paper and pens for messages.  Get everyone to participate and set a time when the capsule will be opened.  You may choose to open your capsule at the next holiday party, or you could choose to impose a longer waiting period of two, five or ten years, or longer if you like.

Gift Wrapping Galore


With a bit of planning and forethought, your holiday party can be a frenzied gift-wrapping.  It makes your party both productive and fun and gives your guests a real chance to accomplish a much-needed session of wrapping gifts.  Just invite friends and family, provide oodles of ribbon, tape and paper (do not forget scissors!) and watch everyone have a blast wrapping their gifts.  For a more personal touch, get plain paper, provide various stamps, stickers, paint, and make personalized wrapping paper.  A variation of this is to provide materials for creating handmade holiday cards.  Your guests will be able to collaborate and create unique and beautiful holiday cards for everyone on their list.

Give them something to Remember


At the end of a great party, your guests will be eternally grateful to go home with an awesome care package put together by you.  Some fun ideas to include in your care package are aspirin (for the hangover), hot chocolate mix and some vitamin C.

Are you planning to host or attend any holiday parties this year?

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  1. Great tips, I have a 'product review' party tomorrow night and a potluck on the 20th.

    1. Woot Woot, I wish I could attend your product review party! I'm heading to a party this weekend.

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