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| Tuesday

Fashion Forward 2015

As we move forward into the New Year, women look for new ways to improve and enhance their wardrobe and style exuding their own unique trend…that’s what makes fashion for everyone so beautiful.

For 15 years, the Pantone Color Institute has awarded one hue color of the year. Immediately the fashion and design world takes note and the color shows up on everything from cars to clutches.  This year’s winner -- “Marsala" -- named after wine, is a warm red with rich tones of brown.  An earthy color that Leatrice Wiseman, the executive director at Pantone, describes as “exuding confidence and stability."  Designers like Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein used the color to create smart-looking spring collections. We can toast to that.

Fashion forecasters anticipate a continuation of longer hemlines with midi skirts (skirts that fall mid-calf), as well as ankle-length wrap versions, with waistlines falling at the natural waist versus the hip.  There will also be neutral colors with shades of tan, taupe, gray, white and black.  Collections will also be brimming with different shades of purple, particularly lilac.

Patterns are predicted to be bouquet of hand-painted florals.  As the fashion world looks to spring, designers will be looking back, particularly to the 1970s for inspiration, according to WGSN's head of catwalk, Lizzy Bowring.  Also, another look is culottes’ wide-leg, airy, not-quite-shorts, not-quite-pants silhouette.

Women have so many ways in which clothes and style shape and represent them.  Dresses are always a diverse way to personalize one’s style or personality; light-flowing fabrics and thigh-high splits exposing a bare leg.  This is one of the hottest trend 2015 fashion when talking about dresses.  Modern, sensual, bold, breathtaking dresses with splits for confident girls that love a sexy and uber feminine look.  The sensual detail is the side split reaching the top of the thigh.


Fabrics are light and breezy, often transparent.  High heels and sandals are a must for these dresses, while the flats will only cancel the sensuality of the split.  Simple cuts, light airy fabrics and powerful, vivid colors that counterbalance their simplicity. One shoulder gracefully exposed, in a practical and sexy way for New Year’s holiday season.  Strapless dresses in different colors, with or without prints, that reveal the beauty of a woman's neck and décolleté are really hot.  One trend is universal in almost all fashion seasons, coming again to prove that fashion repeats itself - flower prints. Whether we refer to light dresses, long, single-shoulder dresses or simple dresses that can be easily worn at the office, or sexy dresses, one thing is for sure; flower prints are the ultimate and most wonderful way to express a woman's femininity and grace.

Have a Fashionable New Year!

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