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Top Fall Makeup Colors

Top Fall Makeup Colors- #bblogger www.productreviewmom.com

Makeup trends change just as much as fashion trends. It is hard to keep up with what looks good and how to create these new looks. It is ideal to keep a few items of each trend throughout the year available. Mixing and matching a few products often does the trick without having to make another expensive makeup purchase.

Fall is a time of change for the environment where everything goes from green, happy to gray, and mundane. A berry kissed lip is the spark of color that the face needs. It keeps you looking fresh, rejuvenated and energetic.  The idea here is to use a berry shade that matches your skin tone.

The bold eyebrow trend has been around for most of the year. The trick is finding an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair shade. The good thing is you can always find something to match your natural color. Keep the eyebrows looking as natural as possible, but pronounced at the same time.

The look of shimmering or glittery eyes has not gone away in a while either. The goal of this trend in the fall this year is to use a glitter shade that matches the base shadow shade. Contrasting colors in this sense is not a good idea. All this does is make you look like a child’s painting attempt.

While smoky eyes have been trending for a couple of years, smoky brown eyes are specific for the 2014 fall season. Consider adding a few jewel tone accents with a silver shadow in the interior corners or a little bit of shimmer to the top lid as an accent.

All you want this fall season is for your cheeks to look healthy. Do not make them too dark or too bold. A little bronzer mixed with a pink or flesh tone blush is perfect.

Combining these makeup trends into one look is rather simple. For a glittery eye with a berry lip, simply add on a shimmer gloss over the berry lip stain. Mix and match these makeup trends to keep your look fresh.

Do you have any Fall Makeup Tips?


  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing :). I need to add some berry to my lipstick collection, I'm off to shopping ;)!

    1. You're welcome Jane! Happy Shopping!